Put your Christmas Money Toward Your Wellness Goals

Many of us are ready to put last year in the rear-view mirror and plan out a fresh start. For a lot of people, wellness routines were up-ended this year, and the whole state of the world led to stress leaking into their lives. Without the gym life infrastructure to add to your wellness goals, you may have to be more proactive in your intentions. With a focus on a few areas, you can set yourself up for success.

Wellness Goals for Self Care

Self-care is not an indulgent luxury as many mistakenly think, but rather a conscious action that is taken to promote physical, social, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellness. It is essential for building resilience toward stressors that life throws your way. When you take time to care for your mind and body, you will be better equipped to live your best life. A great way to achieve wellness goals around self care is to put a reminder in your phone to accomplish it as often as your target goal, that may be once a day or once a week!

Here are a few self-care activities to add to your wellness goals this year that will help boost your healthy lifestyle.

Foam Rolling

Solid foam rollers contour to the body and provide mild compression to the area. Foam rollers release tightness and discomfort caused by sitting, poor posture sustaining the demands of a long day.

Try these moves in the last 15 minutes before bed to relieve stress-related trigger points, which will help you catch your zzz’s better every night.


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Yoga and Stretching

There are many types of or yoga-inspired or stretching move sequences you can do that have real physical benefits to your wellness. Give yourself time to develop the skill of the poses and exercises, and have the patience to see the benefits unfold as you incorporate these self-care moves into your routine.

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Get Strong

Let’s face it; when we feel better, we do better. And when we’re physically strong, we are more able to be mentally tough as well. A focus on strength training can help you in numerous ways.

  • Increased muscle mass
  • Stronger bones
  • Joint flexibility
  • Weight control
  • Balance
  • Sharpens your thinking skills

For strength training ideas to help you be your best in 2021, read more here:

Strength Training Without Weights

Why Strength Training is Important

Your Wellness Goals SMART STRENGTH Toolbox:

Build a Consistent Home Routine

No one will argue that there’s been a lot of changes to daily life this year across the board. All this change makes it hard to keep at a routine, much less start a new one. It’s time to order up that 2021 planning journal and write up a new routine for yourself. With gyms and public spaces being limited or closed, this may mean it’s time to develop a better at-home plan.

The first step is to carve out a time in your schedule to plan to be consistent vs. just dabbling in exercise when you are feeling it (let’s face it, that’s the hard part). Remember to give yourself a little flexibility here because schedules can and will change.

First, identify the types of exercises that you are interested in. Purchase any equipment that you’ll need to work toward that goal, so it doesn’t become a roadblock. Next, write up a few routines for yourself to get yourself going.

Here are a few ideas:

Build a Workout Routine with Self-Guided Products

3 SMART Bootcamp Workouts

To stay on track, try using the SMART method for planning. Make your goals: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

Make Your Wellness Goals a Family Affair 

The changes of 2020 have been pretty broad sweeping and affected nearly everyone in some way. Many families are tackling virtual home school for the first time this year. Balancing some physical activity with all the screen time and trying to come up with suitable ways to replace gym class can be a challenge.

For the first time, many families are giving group workouts a try. They are discovering ways to make at-home workouts fun and using this time to engage in active play as a way to connect and spend time together.

People also realize that stocking up their home gym doesn’t necessarily mean investing in large pieces of equipment but rather selecting a well-curated functional fitness collection. The key is to have multiple options of the same product or take time building partner routines that share equipment.

Here are a Wellness few ideas:

Fun is Essential to Long-Term Fitness Success



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