There has never been a better time to get your fitness goals in order than NOW! We don’t want you to wait another day, that is why we created this journal. Getting fit and healthy isn’t always easy. Everyday life sometimes kicks our health to the back seat but NOW is the Time to Make Room for the Best You! Grab Your Fitness Journal Today!

This guide is designed to walk you through the steps you need to move forward.

One step.

One action at a time. 

Are You Ready?

Let’s Do This!

Our team of experts has put together a fitness journal to help you get and keep your fitness goals on track. Here is what you will get

  • Motivational Wall Art – Everyone needs a little motivation! Keep your goals from and center with this framable wall art. 
  • Personal Motivation Journal Page
  • SMART Goal Setting Goal Page – Learn what it takes to set SMART goals and how to implement them into your fitness routine
  • Action Takers Journal Page – Don’t just talk or think about it. Take Action with this Action Takers Journal Page
  • A monthly calendar to get your goals down and in place all month 
  • Workout Reflection Journal Page
  • Weekly Fitness Planner
  • My Fitness Goal Journal Page
  • A Workout Log
  • A Measurement Tracker

Time can get away from us and our goals move right along with it. Let’s get all of those excuses to move forward under wraps. This guide will help you get focused. 

Now is the Time: Make Room for the Best You! Fitness Journal

Let’s look at what you’ll get!
With this guide, you can print the pages you need. For some pages, multiple copies are required. Just print and GO!

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Now is the Time Fitness Journal and Planner. This planner is free to download for subscribers and is ideal for maintaining a healthy lifestyle
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About Us

At Prism Fitness we believe in the power of movement.

We are committed to spreading a greater understanding of the human body, and the safest and most effective ways to prepare the body for challenges ranging from everyday functional movements to amateur sporting events to professional-level competition.

At Prism, we strive to create simple-yet-innovative training equipment that can be used to achieve transformative results.

We are your home for the latest in innovative SMART home gym equipment.

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Learn How to Stay Fit For Life with Functional Fitness Training

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You’re going to get max health benefits from your Functional Fitness Training by learning the benefits, effective training, & proper equipment to use for life-long benefits.

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