Use of Information

Prism Fitness, Inc. (“Prism Fitness”) is committed to the task of safeguarding the business and personal information of its customers. Prism Fitness uses customer information to facilitate transactions and may also use information that it collects about its customers in its effort to develop new products and services to better serve customer needs.

Prism Fitness does not disclose, share, sell or otherwise make available, confidential information of customers to unaffiliated third parties except where: (a) it is necessary to administer a transaction that the customer requests or authorizes; (b) Prism Fitness is permitted or required to by law (e.g., we receive a subpoena or a request for information from an authorized governmental agency investigating fraudulent activity); (c) the customer requests that we share the information; or (d) the information is provided to Prism Fitness to help complete a transaction initiated by a Prism Fitness customer. In the event Prism Fitness discloses any such information, it is disclosed in accordance with this Prism Fitness Privacy Policy and in accordance with state and federal law. 

Information Collected

Prism Fitness collects information about visitors to the Prism Fitness website and its customers from: (a) the information disclosed or supplied by visiting the Prism Fitness website and on applications and other forms such as name, address, phone number, email address, company name, credit card information and/or PayPal information, and internet activity information such as information related to how a visitor arrived at the website; and (b) information about customers arising from transactions with Prism Fitness such as purchase history.

Some of the information gathered by Prism Fitness is accomplished using a cookie, which is a small data file written by a website to a user’s hard drive. Prism Fitness uses a cookie only to identify how a visitor arrived at the website and does not correlate the information gathered with the cookie with information about individual users of this website. Prism Fitness will not share any such information with others. 

Information Regarding Former Customers

This Prism Fitness Privacy Policy applies to all of our customers, regardless of the size of the customer, volume of business conducted with Prism Fitness, or account status. If a customer ends its relationship with Prism Fitness, Prism Fitness will not share any information collected about the customer in a way that is inconsistent with this Prism Fitness Privacy Policy.

Protection of Information

Only those Prism Fitness employees who need to know customer personal and account information to perform their jobs and provide products or services to Prism Fitness customers are permitted access to such information. Prism Fitness employees are required to protect confidential customer information. The information provided during the checkout process is further protected using Secure Sockets Layer encryption technology which guards against important customer information, such as credit card details, from being intercepted.  Prism Fitness maintains multiple substantive and procedural safeguards to protect customer confidential information.

Questions or Comments

Prism Fitness welcomes your questions or comments about this Prism Fitness Privacy Policy. Please feel free to contact us at 608-845-8300 or via email at with any questions or comments you may have.