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We seem to have a little more flexibility in our schedules these days with canceled events and a shelter-in-place order, so you’d think it would be the perfect time to push a regular fitness routine to the top of the priority list. 

Even with the time-crunch problem at bay, people can find themselves overwhelmed when faced with having to come up with a routine for themselves. The equipment and classes people are used to finding at their favorite gyms are not readily available, and it can be daunting to figure out a new workout plan from scratch.

Quite honestly, if the first hardest thing about fitness is getting started, then the second hardest thing is knowing what to do. Many people can feel overwhelmed when starting over with a new routine, and may even give up. 

Quite honestly, if the first hardest thing about fitness is getting started, then the second hardest thing is knowing what to do. Click To Tweet

Self-Guided Products

We have a solution. Our self-guided products feature corresponding workout moves printed right on the product!

Having the exercises printed on the products means that you can build multiple routines on the spot. Our self-guided product line includes many types of functional fitness workout equipment, so you’ll have plenty of exercises to choose from and include in your routines. 

Whether you have a dedicated room or just an area of your home, we’ve highlighted some of our essential products guaranteed to keep you busy without taking up a lot of space.


Medicine Balls are very versatile. Our Smart Medicine Balls are a functional fitness staple. The weighted center forces the user to use different muscle groups to throw, bounce, or twist with the ball.

Eight exercises are printed on each ball for easy reference. They also feature a textured surface for a reliable grip and made of sturdy rubber.

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If you think this product is just about building your core, think again! Our Smart Core Wheel will bring your bodyweight exercises to a whole new level. Shoulders, triceps, lats, legs, and yes, core muscles will be seriously challenged.


Bodyweight training using straps can be intimidating to a novice, but we’ve developed our SMART STRAPS product line with our signature self-guided exercises printed directly on the straps for easy reference.

Don’t be deceived by appearance, because you will get a killer workout. SMART STRAPS makes for an amplified version of your regular bodyweight exercises, and our self-guided product makes it easy to learn! They are accommodating for people of all fitness levels –from novices to elite athletes.

Smart Straps Body Weight Trainer

Smart Straps Ceiling/Wall Mount

And now, even if your door frames, trim, or space around your door openings are not ideal for the smart strap, we have a new solution: The Smart Straps Ceiling Wall Mount. This new product allows you to put the smart straps in a place that works best for you! If you have a dedicated room for home fitness, this is a perfect way to add smart straps to your own gym.


Whether you want to run through some sun salutations or work on building your flexibility through some focused stretching, our Smart Mats are a great choice. They are thick to provide cushion to your body and durable to stand up to your repeated workouts. The 16mm Smart Mat has 14 Core Exercises printed on one side, and 14 Stretching Poses on the other side for easy reference. Roll it up to put in your closet, or use the sturdy grommets to hang!

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SMART Recovery Foam Roller

The general idea behind foam rolling exercises is that by applying direct loads to your muscles, you lengthen and massage the underlying tissues. The use of foam rollers for effectively reducing muscle tension is now a widely accepted fitness practice and makes it easier to resume those challenging workouts.

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