Smart Strength Bands

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 XX-Light Red 5-35lb $15.99
X-Light Black 10-50lb $22.99
Light Purple 25-80lb $29.99
Medium Green 50-120lb $35.99
Heavy Blue 60-150lb $45.99
X-Heavy Orange 70-175lb $63.99
XX-Heavy Gray 80-200lb $74.99



Smart Strength Bands provide smooth, constant resistance throughout the range of motion. Exercise bands are a great way to increase strength and endurance. They are easy to use, portable, and affordable. They can also be used at home or in the gym. Strength bands can help you to improve your muscle strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

The versatility of the resistance bands allows users to add assistance or resistance to any training routine. A few ideas to use a Smart Strength Bands for assistance is with pullups, or stretching.  You can also use these bands to add resistance to your favorite workouts like conditioning, speed training, rehabilitation, and aerobics. With resistances from XXLight to XXHeavy, we have the band to meet your training needs!

Add even more versatility with your bands by adding the Smart Door Anchor Deluxe.


  • Can both assistance and resist movements, offering maximum training options
  • Portable and easy to store
  • All bands are 40 inches in Length and 3/16 inches thick.
  • Variety of resistance levels, see below
Description Resistance Level Width
Smart Strength Band – XXLight (Red) 5-35lbs 0.5″
Smart Strength Band – XLight (Black) 10-50lbs 1″
Smart Strength Band – Light (Purple) 25-80lbs 1.125″
Smart Strength Band – Medium (Green) 50-120lbs 1.75″
Smart Strength Band – Heavy (Blue) 60-150lbs 2.25″
Smart Strength Band – XHeavy (Orange) 70-175lbs 3.25″
Smart Strength Band – XXHeavy (Gray) 80-200lbs 4″


These bands contain natural rubber latex.

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