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  • Single, unweighted
  • Single, 5lb weighted
  • Set of 10, unweighted
  • Set of 10, 5lb weighted


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The Smart Stick makes your favorite movements and exercises more productive. The simple increase of flexibility improves everyday activities, enhances athletic performance, and helps with recovery time from exercise programs. This mobility training stick works by using your hands to push and pull each other and “drive” the body. It allows you to stretch in multiple planes of natural movement safely and in an upright position. This helps you to create a balanced, optimal range of motion from top to bottom. The unweighted version is best for flexibility and balance exercises. The weighted version is best for strength exercises (upper body, lower body, core). The weighted version allows you to work those hard to stretch muscles while increasing strength in a safe controlled manner.

All Smart Sticks are 5 feet in length. Offered in both unweighted and 5lb weighted versions. They are lightweight and easily stored when not in use. They are smooth enough to slide your hands along. This is a rigid stick made from finished PVC material. With either a weighted, or unweighted version, you are sure to give your body a great way to work range of motion, strength, and balance all in one. 

The Smart Stick increases the effectiveness of most exercise movements by enabling the body to balance and move through optimal ranges of motion. The unweighted version is best for flexibility and balance exercises, while the weighted version is suited for strength and movement exercises.

Movement exercises with the Smart Stick are designed to build strength, increase range of motion, and increase muscle memory for recreational and sports activities. By practicing movements such as the “Kayak,” “Golf Swing,” and “Canoe” with a weighted Smart Stick, users condition muscles recruited for these recreational activities while increasing speed and endurance. Resistance training through partner work can also add fun and variety to a Smart Stick functional fitness routine.

Strength exercises using the Smart Stick can focus on the core, upper body, and lower body. By performing combined exercises, such as a squat with an overhead press, the body works more muscle fibers, therefore increasing the workload and demands from the body. Utilizing the Smart Stick for isolated core exercises encourages proper form and increased strength and stabilization while spicing up the workout.

Using a Smart Stick for stretching can benefit muscle elongation and flexibility for both beginners and veterans. Taking time to hold a static stretch, such as the “Triangle Stretch” or “Sitting Forward Fold,” will enable the body to respond and release tension. The static technique involves stretching a muscle to the point of mild discomfort and holding it for an extended period.

Also sold in sets of 10 for use in gyms, youth teams, professional teams, and even in PE class.


  • Aligns the body for balanced, optimal range of motion
  • Stretch in multiple planes of movement
  • 5 feet in length
  • Hands slide along the smooth surface
  • Our Smart Sticks proudly made in the USA!

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