Smart FTC Floor Mount – 2 Bay Package



The Smart Functional Training Center Floor Mount – 2 Bay Package allows for functional exercise and storage all-in-one.  With its adaptable configuration, optional storage enhancements, space efficiency, and a full commercial warranty, the allows for functional exercise and storage all-in-one stands as a testament to versatility and durability. Elevate your fitness experience with a blend of style and functionality! Floor Mounting required.



      • Smart Functional Training Center Floor Mount – 2 Bay Package is a well-rounded functional training workout.  It comes with the following tools:
        • 10 med balls
        • 3 stability balls
        • 2 recovery rollers
        • 6 mats
        • 3 cables w/handles
        • 2 Smart Straps Body Weight Training System
        • 6 strength bands
        • 2 jump ropes
        • 2 AB core wheel with mat
        • 2 conditioning rope, 30ft
        • 4 exercise sticks, weighted and unweighted
        • 3 mobility hurdles
        • 1 agility ladder
        • 1 plyo cube
      • Package includes Prism’s SMART Studio Self-Guided Product in our signature colors
      • SMART products have self-guided exercises printed on each piece. Designed for beginners and experts alike to use in both unsupervised as well as supervised facilities.
      • 3 Shelves on EACH bay with 2 – 15” wide, 400lb capacity shelves and 1 double bar shelf for med balls.
      • Adjustable rods on mat rack for desired height placement.
      • Two chin bar height options
      • Our conditioning rope holder and anchor designed for training and storage.
      • Optional additional shelf is available for additional product storage.
      • Optional Smart Shot Wall Ball target for rooms with proper ceiling height.
      • The rack is available separately without package.
      • Extension kits are available to make it a multiple bay unit.
        • 3 bays, 4 bays, or however many bays you need!


      • FTC 2 Bay Dims fully loaded with new deeper shelves are: 129”W x 55”D x 93”H.(120”H when optional ball target is added)
      • Fits well in low ceilings and limited space
      • Recommended: 6-foot active footprint
      • Requires floor mounting you will need 8-16 bolts based on floor type.


      • Versatility of functional fitness is appealing to several different types of facilities, including but not limited to:
      • Personal training centers
      • Multi-housing community centers
      • Apartments and condo fitness rooms
      • Fire and Police Departments
      • 55 and older communities’ clubhouses
      • Corporate wellness rooms
      • College, high school, middle school, private schools, elementary schools
      • Medical applications (hospital, wellness, physical therapy)
      • High-end homes


      • Our FTC 2 Bay Training Center’ s steel construction is both welded as well as bolted together.
      • It was designed with FULL commercial usage in mind.
      • We use premium powder coat finish on all steel parts for durability and aesthetically pleasing and rich design.
      • Our SMART Functional training products have our proprietary high resolution exercise diagrams fused into the product. This method is to ensure high quality and clearly visible images for user self-guidance.
      • Our full commercial warranty covers heavy use environments (contact Prism for specific product warranties).


      • Studio Functional Training Center Floor Mount – 2 Bay Package – SKU 400-150-181
      • Ships complete with rack, and SMART products.
      • Functional Training Center 2 Bay rack only
        • Please Contact Us if you’re looking to purchase only the racking system.


Smart Functional Training Center Floor Mount – 2 Bay Package includes the following:

(1) 2 Bay FTC Rack Featuring 3 Storage Trays, 2 Rope Anchors, 2 Pull Up Bar, Mat Rack, and 2 Storage Hooks for Hurdles
(1 ea) Smart Stability Ball, 55cm, 65cm, 75cm
(2 ea) Smart Medicine Ball, 4lb, 6lb, 8lb, 10lb, 15lb
(6) Smart Mats, 16mm with Grommets (Black)
(2) Smart Recovery Foam Rollers
(2) Smart Straps Body Weight Training System
(2 ea) Smart Strength Band, Light, Medium, Heavy
(1 ea) Fitness Cable, 20lb, 40lb, 60lb
(3) Smart Quick Flip Single Pocket Handles (Pair)
(2) Conditioning Rope 30ft, 1.5” Diameter
(2) Smart Speed Jump Ropes
(2) Smart Core Ab Wheel with Mat
(2) Smart Sticks, Unweighted
(2) Smart Sticks Weighted
(1 set) Smart Hurdles #5
(1) Smart Modular Agility Ladder
(1) Smart 3-in-1 Plyo Cube


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