Smart Guard Sleeved Tubing


X-Light Light Blue 5lb $14.75
Light Green 10lb $15.85
Medium Red 15lb $17.00
Heavy Blue 20lb $18.00
Very Heavy Black 25lb $19.00
Ultra Heavy Gray 35lb $21.25




The Smart Guard Sleeved Tubing is made of professional-grade rubber dipped tubing encased in nylon sheathing that enhances safety and comfort during resistance training.


  • Nylon sheathing protects the tubing from damage, UV light and drying out.
  • Tubing is 4ft long, perfect for a variety of exercises.
  • Plastic handles are reinforced with webbing straps.

How to Safely and Effectively Use Resistance Bands:

    • Adjust the resistance by changing where you hold the tubing.
    • Anchor firmly to its fixation point.
    • Start with lighter resistance for new exercises. Increase resistance once you have perfect technique.
    • Keep the wrist in a strong functional position – a firm grip around the handle with the wrist slightly extended.

Additional information

Weight .125 lbs


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