Smart Guard Sleeved Tubing

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X-Light Light Blue 5lb $13.99
Light Green 10lb $14.99
Medium Red 15lb $15.99
Heavy Blue 20lb $16.99
Very Heavy Black 25lb $17.99
Ultra Heavy Gray 35lb $19.99



The Smart Guard Sleeved Tubing is extremely portable and compact. Whether you travel often, or your home gym is actually your living room, you will be much happier with the amount of space required to store resistance equipment. They will allow you to achieve the same amount of difficulty as traditional free weights.

There are several reasons why resistance equipment is superior to traditional free weights. The main reason is due to continual resistance.  This challenges muscles throughout the entire movement instead of just at the peak point against gravity. Also, there is no momentum when you use tubing, so it is often safer to use during quick and large range exercises such as woodchops. Click here to learn more about The Benefits of Resistance Bands Over Free Weights.

The Smart Guard Sleeved Tubing is made of professional-grade rubber dipped tubing encased in nylon sheathing that enhances safety and comfort during resistance training. The nylon sheathing protects the tubing from damage, UV light and drying out. The tubing is 4 feet long, ideal for a variety of exercises. The plastic handles are reinforced with webbing straps.


  • Portable, compact and challenges muscles
  • Nylon Sheathing makes exercises more comfortable
  • Superior quality makes it last longer

How to Safely and Effectively Use Resistance Bands:

    • Adjust the resistance by changing where you hold the tubing.
    • Anchor firmly to its fixation point.
    • Start with lighter resistance for new exercises. Increase resistance once you have perfect technique.
    • Keep the wrist in a strong functional position – a firm grip around the handle with the wrist slightly extended.

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