Smart Soft Plyo Cube, 3-in-1



The Smart Soft Plyo Cube, 3-in-1 features three height options at 20″, 24″ and 30″ heights (all in one!). It is a valuable training tool for multiple users to create training programs based on abilities as well as room for growth. The plyo box fills the need for explosive movement utilized in many sports in a safe manner. In addition to explosive work, the plyo box is ideal for beginners looking to increase range of motion and flexibility in the lower body. This 3-in-1 system saves you or your facility space and the user valuable time while being able to train safely. 9 Self-Guided exercises printed on the Smart Soft Plyo Cube for easy reference during your workout. Our plyo box also features covered zippers, that protect both the zipper and user’s feet.

There are numerous benefits to incorporating plyometrics training into your fitness routine, even if you’re not in organized sports. Benefits include increases in agility, coordination, balance, anaerobic cardiovascular function, and muscle strength. Plus improvements in elasticity to connective tissue and spatial awareness.

While generally, the purpose of plyometrics is to improve explosive power (great for athletes), it can also result in the kind of nimble body that moves easier through everyday life.


  • 9 Self-Guided exercises printed on the plyo box for easy reference and enhanced training
  • Made of high-density foam and commercial grade vinyl cover prevents injury, and easy to clean after usage.
  • Durable and yet easy to move between heights and can be used indoors or outdoors
  • 3 different heights (20in, 24in and 30in) all in one for less clutter and easy storage


The Smart Plyo Cube is a great addition to our Smart Functional Training Centers, especially the Floor Mounted 1 Bay system!


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