Smart In-Home Bootcamp


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Our Smart In-Home Bootcamp package offers a range of our Smart Products to suit every lifestyle and fitness aspiration, while doing it in the comfort of your home. Along with product, we’ll provide you with a boot camp workout of your own! Everything you need to build your cardio, strength, and stretching workout is included in this set.


  • Multiple options for strength training
  • Easy to follow Self-Guided Workouts

Smart In-Home Bootcamp includes:
(1) Smart Straps Body Weight Training System
(1) Smart Quick Flip Triple Pocket Handles (Pair)
(1) Fitness Cable, 20lb (Purple)
(1) Fitness Cable, 30lb (Pink)
(1) Fitness Cable, 40lb (Magenta)
(1) Smart Speed Jump Rope
(1) Smart Stability Ball, 65cm (Green)
(1) Smart Medicine Ball, 6lb (Orange)
(1) Smart Yoga Mat, 6mm (Black & Yellow)
(1) Smart Recovery Foam Roller
(1) Mini Band, Medium (Green)


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