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  • Smart Mat 16mm

    Smart Exercise Mat


    The Smart Exercise Mat is a great way to get in a quick workout, whether at home or on the go. The mat has 14 core exercises printed on one side and 14 stretching poses on the other side. The exercises are all easy to follow and don’t require any additional equipment. Making it easy…

  • Smart Stability Balls

    Smart Stability Balls


    User Height : Suggested Ball Size
    5’4” and under : 55cm (Yellow)
    5’5” – 6’0” : 65cm (Green)
    6’1” and over : 75cm (Blue)

  • Smart Medicine Balls

    Smart Medicine Balls


    Smart Medicine Balls are a staple in many functional fitness routines. The weighted center forces you to use different muscle groups to keep the body stable when you throw, bounce or twist with the ball. This really maximizes your workout! They can be used for a variety of exercises including crunches, squats, and pushups. They…

  • Smart Recovery Foam Roller

    Smart Recovery Foam Roller


    The Smart Recovery Foam Roller is the perfect tool for anyone looking to improve their muscle recovery and performance. Use it to release muscle tension before, during and after workouts. Using a foam roller can help improve your mobility and range of motion. Not only that, but it can also help to relieve pain and…

  • Smart Mat 6mm - Yellow

    Smart Yoga Mat


    The Smart Yoga Mat is 6mm thick and available in Green and Yellow.  It is a great way to get in a quick workout, whether at home or on the go. There are times when you don’t want to commit to a class, or when you’re short on time. That’s where the Smart Yoga Mat…

  • Smart Sleeved Tubing - Red

    Smart Guard Sleeved Tubing

    X-Light Light Blue 5lb $13.99
    Light Green 10lb $14.99
    Medium Red 15lb $15.99
    Heavy Blue 20lb $16.99
    Very Heavy Black 25lb $17.99
    Ultra Heavy Gray 35lb $19.99


  • Sale! Smart Strength Bands

    Smart Strength Bands

     XX-Light Red 5-35lb $15.99
    X-Light Black 10-50lb $22.99
    Light Purple 25-80lb $29.99
    Medium Green 50-120lb $35.99
    Heavy Blue 60-150lb $45.99
    X-Heavy Orange 70-175lb $63.99
    XX-Heavy Gray 80-200lb $74.99



    Smart In-Home Bootcamp


    Our Smart In-Home Bootcamp package offers a range of our Smart Products to suit every lifestyle and fitness aspiration, while doing it in the comfort of your home. Along with product, we’ll provide you with a boot camp workout of your own! Everything you need to build your cardio, strength, and stretching workout is included…

  • Smart In Home Gym

    Smart In-Home Gym


    Available as a complete Package or as Rack only.

  • Smart Trainer Bag Package

    Smart Trainer Bag


    Smart Fitness On-the-Go!

  • Smart Core Strength Training Bundle

    Smart Core Strength Training Bundle


    The Smart Core Strength Training Bundle is perfect for a home gym or anywhere you want to fit in a workout. The bundle includes all the equipment needed for endless core training, including our best selling suspension trainer, Smart Straps! This bundle is a great way to get started with fitness and improve your overall…

  • Mini Flat Bands

    Mini Flat Bands


    Bands are 2″ Wide by 11″ Long.

    Three levels of resistance:
    Light (Set of 10), yellow
    Medium (Set of 10), green
    Heavy (Set of 10), blue

    Also available: Pack of 3 that includes one of each resistance level

  • Smart Deluxe Cable Kit

    Smart Deluxe Cable Kit


    Smart Deluxe Cable Kit comes with lightweight yet durable, multi-layered cables that feel better and last longer than common extruded bands. The cables measure 5ft each and weigh less than 1lb. Use different cables for different exercises and ranges of motion or move up to the next resistance level as your strength increases. The interchangeable…

  • Smart Resistance Training Bundle- with Bag and Door Anchor

    Smart Resistance Training Bundle


    If you’re looking for an effective way to add resistance training to your routine, you’ll love the Smart Resistance Training Bundle. This bundle is a simple and affordable piece of equipment that can help you achieve your fitness goals. It’s easy to use, and you can customize your workout to meet your needs. Plus, the…

  • Smart Necessity Bundle

    Smart Necessity Bundle


    The Smart Necessity Bundle is perfect for workouts at home because more convenient, comfortable, and affordable than going to a gym. The Smart Necessity Bundle is the perfect set-up for getting started with workouts at home. Get started right away with everything you need to work out your entire body.  The Smart Self-Guided functional fitness…

  • Smart Mobility & Recovery Training Bundle includes Smart Recovery Foam Roller, Smart Hurdles #4 and Smart Stick

    Smart Mobility & Recovery Training Bundle


    In today’s fast-paced world, more and more people are looking for ways to improve their mobility, flexibility and recover quickly, especially those performing and training at a high level. The Smart Mobility & Recovery Training Bundle is designed to get you back to training as fast as possible. Many individuals train harder to see faster…