Sprint Resistor


Small (100-180 lbs)
Large (180-250 lbs)

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The Sprint Resistor develops and improves leg strength and speed by providing resistance tailored to the athlete or coach’s desired intensity. Both training partners benefit from the use of the Sprint Resistor. The fully padded H-style harness provides superior comfort during the intense workouts and allows for proper running posture for maximum training results. The Sprint Resistor is perfect for training the first 5-20 yards of a sprint.

It features a durable 10-foot long nylon leash with heavily-reinforced stitching. Also includes a 10-inch wide easy-to-grip handle for the training partner.

Heavy resistance training in combination with good technique can make athletes much more explosive and much faster. Unlike machine resistance training which puts focus on muscle isolation, this training product uses muscle integration to maximize the workout. This can be accomplished by having one athlete manually resist another athlete. You can also purchase the Quick Release Leash to apply resistance.

Small: 100-180 lb

Large: 180-250 lb


  • 10ft nylon leash; heavy-duty stitching for product longevity
  • Padded H-style harness allows proper posture which is important in this training program
  • Effective for all sports where speed and quick acceleration are important
  • 10in wide easy-to-grip handle for training partner comfort
  • Hand-sewn shoulder harness with padded shoulder straps
  • Vest is designed to fit over shoulder pads for in-season use for football specific training.


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