Smart Speed and Performance Bundle


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Smart Speed and Performance Bundle brings together all the equipment you need to take your athletic training to the next level. Speed is vital to many performance sports, that’s why we created the speed and performance bundle. It Includes all the tools you need to take your speed training to the next level.

The Smart Acceleration ladder is perfect for learning the initial strides for all athletes.

The Smart Modular Agility Ladder puts others to shame by allowing you to create patterns that are important to your sport, not just a single line. Create various patterns from double/triple lane ladders to obstacles, zig zag patterns, and a full grid!

Lastly, the versatile #1 Smart Hurdles can be added to many drills to ensure proper clearance and create explosive plyometric drills. Fast directional changes are common to great athletes in many sports (either on the court or field). Hurdle training enables athletes to improve these skill sets and build overall athleticism with fun and effective training drills.

Smart Speed and Performance Bundle is great for athletes of all sports. Coaches love the portability of each component of this bundle and the endless combinations to meet their athletes needs.

Bundle Includes:
(1) Smart Modular Acceleration Ladder
(1) Smart Modular Agility Ladder, 15′
(1) Smart Hurdle #1 (Set of 6)


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