Christmas Gifts you might want to keep for yourself. Santa is keeping it quiet!

Shopping for everyone on your list can be exciting and exhausting at the same time. And what about those gifts you see that you just want to keep for yourself? Come on, we know you’re thinking it. This year, you don’t have to feel so bad when you see our list. These fitness gifts you might want to buy for yourself too. That way you can head into the new year, Gear ready! PLUS, last-minute Stocking Stuffers Ideas at the end!

The holiday season is upon us, and we don’t want you to have to look any further for that perfect gift. With fitness gifts and wellness gifts continuing to rank high on the list for both giving and receiving, you don’t want to pass these up. Plan now to stow that special present under the tree or give your friends and family those not-so-subtle hints by forwarding them this list!

These Fitness Gifts are so Great You Might Want to Keep them for Yourself

1. SMART Recovery Foam Roller

This one tops our charts. Check out this article to see why we love it so much and the basics for using the foam roller.

The Smart Foam Roller is one of the best fitness gifts you can give yourself. It allows you to restore your tired and sore muscles after a long workout or a long day. Restorative fitness is so important to the lifelong health of your muscles. It increases blood flow to muscles allowing them to repair and rebuild must faster.

This piece of equipment is not only essential to every workout routine, but it is also portable making it a great option to take on the go.

Woman using Smart Recovery Foam Roller

2. SMART Modular Agility Ladder

Ladder work is not only fun but increases agility skills. The definition of agility is “the ability to move quickly and change direction with ease.” As we get older or ease into our daily routines, our mental and physical agility can take a back seat.

Agility training can help us pivot more quickly in both the physical and mental realms. This type of training can be beneficial whether you are an athlete, weekend warrior, or anywhere in between. Kids love it too. It’s great for all ages!

Smart Modular Agility Ladder- Training

3. SMART Straps

Body weight training is HOT right now and our Smart Straps with the exercises printed right on the product make this the perfect gift for the novice or experienced fitness fanatic!

This type of training covers a lot of ground in your fitness routine.  It can improve muscular strength and endurance while even improving joint mobility and flexibility. Because you are constantly working on stability, the exercises engage your core and improve your balance. Want to get the most out of your Smart Straps Bodyweight training system, check out this post!

4. SMART In-Home Gym

We love encouraging people to work out where and when they can and that is oftentimes at home. But nothing is worse than having big bulky fitness equipment lying all over your home. This in-home gym is a game changer. Meet sleek, organized, and sized just right. The in-home gym has everything you need in one neat place.

The SMART In-Home Gym features our most consistently trending products and best of all they make for a complete in-home experience. With our self-guided equipment, it is like getting a personal trainer right there with you leading you each step of the way. Each package comes with everything you need for resistance, core, mobility, and recovery.

The SMART In-Home Gym is the all in one system that includes the following:

  • 2 med balls
  • 1 stability balls
  • 1 foam roller
  • 3 sleeved tubing
  • 1 door anchor
Smart In-Home Gym - Order Now

5. SMART Necessity Bundle

Say goodbye to overpriced gym packages. The SMART Necessity Bundle is perfect for those who want to work out at home. This bundle makes it more convenient, comfortable, and affordable and offers the perfect setup.

With this bundle, you can get a complete body workout and with the included foam roller, you get to restore and relax your muscles after each workout and in between.

Not sure what to do with each piece. Don’t worry. Our SMART self-guided equipment won’t leave you guessing.


  • (1) Smart Mat, 16mm with Grommets (Blue)
  • (1) Smart Stability Ball, 65cm (Green)
  • (1) Smart Recovery Foam Roller
  • (1) Fitness Cable, 20lb (Purple)
  • (1) Fitness Cable, 30lb (Pink)
  • (1) Fitness Cable, 40lb (Magenta)
  • (1) Smart Quick Flip Triple Pocket Handle (Pair)

Small, but mighty! Stocking Stuffer Ideas that you will love.

  1.  SMART Strength Bands and Mini Flat Bands

The Strength Bands provide smooth, constant resistance throughout the range of motion. The versatility of the resistance bands allows users to add assistance or resistance to any training routine. Bands can also be used for assisted pullups, stretching, conditioning, speed training, rehabilitation, and aerobics.

2.  SMART Jump Rope, Speed or Weighted

Do you know that jumping rope burns approximately 650 calories per hour? It’s a super-efficient cardiovascular workout!

Our durable Speed and Weighted Jump Ropes are designed with rubber grip handles that contour to the hands of the user, taking pressure off the wrist. Both jump ropes are fully adjustable; change the length of the rope to fit any height.

Choose between a speed rope and a weighted rope for a comfortable and challenging workout based on your training goals. The speed rope is lightweight, making it easy to maneuver and accelerate to a sweat-dripping pace. Use the weighted version to add additional resistance to your exercise routine to turn up the intensity.

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