This past year, the world has had to re-imagine what everyday life looks like.

Home and work schedules look different, and in many cases, gym life and fitness routines have been interrupted, either temporarily or permanently. This has led to a change in how we see and use our immediate surroundings.

Shift to Multi-Purpose Space in the Home

There’s been a change to how we use space in our homes. Many of us are finding out that we want/need versatile areas that are multifunctional. Kitchens have become home offices and school rooms. Living rooms, bedrooms, and guest rooms double as fitness studios. People are rearranging their indoor space and utilizing every corner of square footage.

The SMART In-Home Gym

We’ve watched the trends emerging over this year, and have created a solution to make sure your fitness can integrate into your living space seamlessly. No longer do you have to have an entire room dedicated to fitness in order to have a full range of workout activities. Our SMART In-Home Gym comes with all the essential functional fitness equipment you need, plus its own organizational system that tucks perfectly into any corner. It’s designed with a small footprint to use minimal floor space and looks good in any room. The artfully designed vertical tower even makes your fitness equipment look like a streamlined design accent. Plus, having a place for everything cleans up your clutter in an instant, making it easier to manage activities in a multipurpose room.

Self-Guided Fitness: Workouts Ready to Go

The SMART In-Home Gym comes with many of our self-guided fitness equipment essentials. With the exercises printed directly on the product, you’ll never be at a loss for a workout routine. This functional training equipment set has all you need for your resistance, core, mobility, and recovery workouts.

Bonus! Trainer Inspired Workouts brought right into your home.

Our SMART In-Home Gym comes with essential functional fitness equipment, plus an organizational system that tucks perfectly into any corner.

Try the following exercises in a timed, reverse pyramid style workout. Start by doing 15 of each of the exercises in a set. On the next set, do 14 of each of the exercises and count backward on each subsequent set. 

Core Workout

  • Russian Twists with SMART Medicine Ball
  • Hamstring Curls with SMART Stability Ball
  • Plank with Clockwork Arms on the SMART Stability Ball

Strength Workout

  • Tricep Push-Ups on the SMART Medicine Ball
  • Lunge Twists with the SMART Medicine Ball
  • Bent-Over Row with the SMART Sleeved Tubing

Flexibility and Balance

  • Down Dog to Updog Progressions on the SMART Mat
  • Knee to Elbow Mountain Climber to a Single Leg Down Dog on the SMART Mat
  • Child’s Pose with a side reach Lat Stretch on the SMART Mat


  • Jack Chest Press Jumps with the SMART Medicine Ball
  • Knee Repeaters (right then left) with the SMART Medicine Ball,
  • Globe Jumps with the SMART Stability Ball

SMART RECOVERY at Your Fingertips

One of the biggest hurdles to making sure you get your post-workout recovery is having the equipment handy. The SMART In-Home gym puts a foam roller at your fingertips, making your recovery session a natural way to end your workout.

Using the SMART Recovery Foam Roller, try these exercises to increase blood flow, reduce tension spots, and release tightness:

  • Lower Back Rollout
  • Glute Rollout
  • Mid Back Rollout
  • Side Leg Rollout
  • Calf Rollout
  • Foot Rollout
  • Quad Rollout

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