How to Get The Most Out Of Smart Straps Body Weight Training

Take body weight training to a whole new level with Smart Straps! This all-in-one functional fitness training system allows you to train smarter by recruiting more muscles for stabilization. Try performing a Bridge with your feet in the Smart Straps cuffs and you’ll instantly feel what we mean. Hello, glutes and hamstrings!

The SMART Straps Body Weight Training System adds a different dimension to standard strength training by using a series of bodyweight exercises that utilize heavy-duty straps to leverage gravity and resistance.

This type of training covers a lot of ground in your fitness routine.  It can improve muscular strength and endurance while even improving joint mobility and flexibility. Because you are constantly working on stability, the exercises engage your core and improve your balance.

Three Reasons to Try Body Weight Training using Prism Fitness SMART Straps

  1. Amplifies your regular body weight exercises
  2. Accommodates people of all fitness levels –from novices to elite athletes
  3. Easy to use and completely portable so you can take your workout anywhere!
Man does push up on Smart Straps Body Weight Training System Suspension Trainer

Amplifies your regular body weight exercises

Smart Straps are used in 4 basic ways: (1) Pulling, (2) Pressing, (3) Feet in Cuffs Facing Down (Prone), and (4) Feet in Cuffs Facing Up (Supine).

The versatility of these 4 basic movements allows for increasing the challenge of any body weight exercise. Don’t be fooled by the simple appearance of a strap-based body weight training system. This amplified version of your regular body weight moves can make for an incredibly challenging workout. Notice how much more you need to engage your core to maintain stability when performing exercises with Smart Straps!

Accommodates people of all fitness levels –from novices to elite athletes

On top of recruiting more muscles, Smart Straps are easy to modify to your fitness levels!  You are in control of the range of motion, and you can easily modify the work up or down based on your training level.

Simply adjust the angle you are performing the exercise to increase or decrease the amount of body weight you are working against!  For example, when performing a Push Up on your Smart Straps if the exercise is too difficult, move your feet closer to the Smart Straps.  If the push-ups are too easy, move your feet further away!

Smart Straps are easy to use and completely portable

Just like all Prism Fitness Smart products, the Smart Straps have exercises printed directly on the surface, so you are never left wondering “what to do and how to do them.” Bodyweight training using straps can be intimidating to a novice, but we’ve developed our Smart Straps with our signature self-guided exercises printed directly on the straps for easy reference.

Smart Straps are Easy to Anchor and Adjust!

Each Smart Strap has a door anchor so you can loop and secure the strap around a bar (e.g., chin-up bar). Use the straps at home or while traveling by closing the anchors in a sturdy door. Be sure to set up so the door opens away from you.

How to Hang Smart Straps from a Door:

How to Hang Smart Straps from a Bar:

Once anchored, adjustable straps let you easily cater to your own proportions and exercise needs. You can also change the width to make exercises more or less challenging. Set them wider for greater stability or narrower to make exercises more difficult.

How to Adjust Smart Strap Length:

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Up For A Bigger Challenge?

If you want to provide an extra challenge for the core muscles, use the Strap Connector to join both straps together. Rather than securing each individual strap to a bar or door, simply wrap the connector around a sturdy object like playground equipment, a strong tree branch, or a chin-up bar. Without the stability of the individual strap anchor, you need to engage the core even more to maintain control during each exercise.

Add Smart Straps to your home gym to take functional fitness to new heights! It doesn’t take up much space, easily secures to your door frame, and can be put away for easy storage. If you have a space dedicated to fitness, consider installing our ceiling/wall mount, which is designed to give you a place to secure your straps when the door mount isn’t ideal.

This simple body weight training system takes versatility to a whole new level! Create a circuit of upper body, lower body, and cardio for a well-rounded workout session.

Get Started with these Basic Moves

PUSH Workout: Chest Press

Hold our SMART STRAP handles directly in front of your body. Ground your stance, brace your core, and lean your body weight into the handles. Be sure the rest of your body is in alignment, and then push your body back without locking your elbows. Repeat.

PULL Workout: Row

Ease back and lean while holding the SMART STRAP handles. Align your body and pull your shoulders down and back from your ears. Maintaining a plank alignment, pull your chest to your hands. In a slow, controlled movement, gently lower down.

Smart Straps Body Weight Training Workout


  • 60-degree Pullup
  • 60-degree Pushup
  • Forward Arm Raise
  • Pike-up
  • Knee Tucks
  • Pull Up
  • Chest Fly


  • Bridge
  • Single Leg Squat
  • Hamstring Curls
  • Skater Lunge

Don’t be deceived by appearance, because you will get a killer workout, and our self-guided product makes it easy to learn!

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