Fun High Energy Winter Activities

It’s the winter season and while it’s tempting to stay inside, hibernating through months of cold weather, there are plenty of ways to keep fit and have fun doing it. There is no need to sacrifice staying active during the winter months; with a few creative ideas and some fun high-energy winter activities, you can stave off those winter blues and maintain your fitness level all season long.

Whether you’re a fan of skiing and snowshoeing or prefer indoor alternatives, there are plenty of ways to stay active and healthy throughout the season.

Take advantage of the cooler temperatures and explore your favorite trails on skis or snowshoes. Both provide a great cardiovascular workout while allowing you to enjoy nature in its winter wonderland. If you don’t have access to ski equipment, look for local gyms or recreation centers offering cross-country skiing lessons or discounts on rental gear.

Cold Weather Workout Benefits

Brrr. The cold weather may leave you wanting to sleep in and load up on hearty meals, but we have a few good reasons to stay tough through the winter months with an outdoor workout.

Burn More Calories in the Cold

Turns out, cold weather may give you a more solid calorie-burning session than temperate climates. For starters, your body will expend more energy to keep warm and regulate your core temperature. Cold weather also simulates a certain type of fat store, and both of those factors can lead to burning up to 400-500 more calories per day. Of course, all exercise can boost your metabolism, but adding in some cold-weather training could result in a higher metabolic increase.

Improve Your Immune System

Getting out in the cold can also improve your immune system, according to the Mayo Foundation. Their study found that regular outdoor, cold-weather exercise reduced susceptibility to colds by 20-30 percent!

Get some winter workouts on your schedule now. Try these fun high-energy winter activities:

  • Snowshoe racing
  • Winter trail running
  • Downhill skiing
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Winter hiking
  • Skijoring

End your cold-weather workout with an indoor foam roll session after you’ve warmed up. Your muscles will appreciate the extra attention.

6 Fun High Energy Winter Fitness Activities for the Whole Family

Don’t let the cold and snow freeze out your winter fitness goals!

If you live in an area where snow and ice dominate in the winter months, you may be tempted to put your outdoor workouts and winter fitness activities on hold. But instead of resorting to endless days of screen time, take the initiative to get your family outside! When you role-model an active lifestyle year-round, you give your kids the tools to develop good habits.

Fresh air and activity are good for your body and soul. Plus, exercises that take place on uneven ground, such as snow and ice, can even improve your balance skills, by working muscles that are key to keeping your body stabilized. So, bundle up, and brave the snow and cold for a little seasonal adventure! Want to know more about why balance is important? Read our article here!


If you have a sledding hill, you can get some great cardio in by racing each other back up the hill! No hill? No problem! Find a flat spot and opt for some sled pulls, or even some sled pull racing! Want to make it even more fun? See how many kids it takes to pull dear old dad in the sled.

Winter Hikes and Snowshoeing

Blaze a trail right through that fresh snow, and you can burn up to 600 calories an hour! Want to make it interesting? Add a snowshoe race through the forest. And don’t rule out the dark. Look around for local candlelight night hikes for a great alternative to movie night.

Build Snow Sculptures

Take your snowman building to the next level and make a sculpture! You don’t even have to be a sculptor to create amazing snow sculptures for an inexpensive and enjoyable family activity. All you need are some supplies, like buckets, shovels, and water bottles, and get your little ones involved!

Stay Fit this Winter Season with Fun High Energy Winter Activities

Boot hockey or Ice Skating

Find your favorite frozen pond or lake and take your kids skating! It’s a great way to use upper and lower body muscles for grown-ups and kids alike. No skates? Grab your boots and play a little stick right in your driveway.

Snowball Baseball and Snowball Target Practice

There doesn’t have to be many rules for snow play, but both of these games are great for visual motor coordination and upper body movement! Grab your favorite plastic baseball bat and see how many “pitches” you can hit in a row. For target practice, stand a sled upright, step back and see who can get the most throws inside the “target” Of course, expect a few snowballs to come your way in the process!

Build a Snow fort

Kids love to build! So, why not let them have at it with snow? The key to building a snow fort is in the foundation and the top layer. Building your fort on a level surface will help keep the structure more stable.

Winter Fitness Can Be Fun With High Energy Winter Activities

Winter does not have to be a time for hibernation and inactivity. Instead, it can be a time of increased fun and adventure. With some imagination and effort, finding activities that will keep you active during the winter season is easy. There are plenty of ways to stay fit while having fun this winter season. So, grab your hat and gloves, bundle up and get out there!

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