FTC Wall Mounted Accessory Only – Replenishment Kit



Introducing the FTC Wall Mounted Accessory Kit – your comprehensive solution designed to optimize and refresh your fitness center’s equipment effortlessly. Crafted to breathe new life into your FTC Wall Mounted setup, this kit ensures seamless functionality and top-notch performance for your gym.

Containing all the essential accessories from your initial purchase, the FTC Wall Mounted Accessory Kit offers a complete range of tools to enhance your workouts. From versatile resistance bands to essential foam rollers, this comprehensive kit has everything you need to revitalize your fitness routines and cater to diverse training needs.

Each accessory in the FTC Wall Mounted Accessory Kit is meticulously crafted with durability and functionality in mind. Engineered to withstand the rigorous demands of commercial gym environments, these accessories guarantee long-lasting performance and reliability. Whether you’re replacing worn-out components or aiming to expand your equipment’s capabilities, this kit provides the perfect solution to meet your fitness goals.

Upgrade your fitness center experience with the FTC Wall Mounted Accessory Kit and elevate your training sessions to new heights. Experience excellence at every step with Prism Fitness, renowned for delivering superior quality and performance. With options available for Elite, Deluxe, and Essential packages, you can customize your kit according to your specific requirements.

FTC Wall Mounted Accessory Kit Includes:

(1 each) Smart Stability Ball, 55cm (Yellow), 65cm (Green), 75cm (Blue)
(1 each) Smart Medicine Ball, 4lb (Yellow), 6lb (Orange), 8lb (Green), 10lb (Blue), 15lb (Purple)
(4) Smart Mats, 16mm with Grommets (Blue)
(2) Smart Recovery Foam Rollers (Gray)
(1) Smart Straps Body Weight Training System
(1 each) Smart Strength Band, Light, 25-80lb (Purple), Medium, 50-120lb (Green), Heavy, 60-150lb (Blue)
(1 each) Fitness Cable, 30lb (Pink), 70lb (Yellow)
(2) Smart Quick Flip Single Pocket Handles (Pair)
(2) Smart Speed Jump Ropes
(1) Conditioning Rope 30ft, 1.5″ Diameter

Additional information

Tower Packages

Smart Essential Accessory Replenishment Kit, Smart Deluxe Accessory Replenishment Kit, Smart Elite Accessory Replenishment Kit


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