Fall presents a unique opportunity to develop a fitness routine that can carry you through the holidays and into a new year.

Fall Fitness Reset

Fall is a wonderful time to reset your fitness routine! Whether it’s the change in seasons, the transition in energy from a fast-paced summer, or a different schedule, fall presents a unique opportunity to develop a fitness routine that can carry you through the holidays and into a new year. Even if you’re not in a time of transition, everyone can benefit from something new to shake them up.

Revisit Your Goals

As you consider your fitness goals and past routine, think about what worked and what didn’t? Small tangible goals, such as lifting weights three times per week, are easier to track and achieve than a big or vague goal, such as work out more.

Do you know your Why?

As you set goals, think about your reasons why. When we understand our deep motivations behind our goals, we are more likely to follow through.

Create a Plan

Developing a workout schedule on paper minimizes the need to overthink your routine and can help keep you going. Think about what days and times you’re going to work out and what activities you’re going to include in each workout session.

Find Accountability

Find a partner with whom you can share your goals and workout schedule. Check in with each other and ask for support when you’ve lost sight of your why.

The Fall Fitness Reset You Need

Gear Up for Your Fall Fitness Reset!

Make sure you have what you need in order to make your workouts safe and effective. Maybe it’s time for new shoes. Maybe it’s time to add a needed piece of equipment to your home gym. Invest in the tools that will help you be successful in your fitness reset.

Your New Go-To Work Out for Functional Fitness

The SMART In Home Gym provides all you need in one system: resistance, core, mobility, and recovery! Self-guided exercises are printed directly on the equipment and a convenient rack stores it all with minimal space!

Try adding this functional fitness routine into your Fall Fitness Reset!

Squats with Medicine Ball

(10 reps, 3 sets) – Hold a Smart Medicine Ball to your chest, stand with feet shoulder-width apart, sit back into a squat and hold, tighten glutes and return to standing.

Planks with arms on a Stability Ball

(hold for 30 seconds, repeat three times) – Rest on top of a Smart Stability Ball with your forearms and extend your legs and body out straight in a plank position.

Lunges with Medicine Ball

(5 on each leg, repeat three times) – Holding a Smart Medicine Ball to your chest, step one leg forward while you bend at the knee into a lunge. Hold and then return to standing.

Bent Over Row with Smart Guard Sleeved Tubing

(10 reps, 3 sets) – With the Smart Guard Sleeved Tubing under your feet and one handle in each hand, bend slightly at your hips. Keeping your arms at your sides, slowly “row” by lifting your arms up and bending at the elbow.

Cool Down Stretches using Smart Mat

with self-guided poses (10 minutes)

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