How to Add Some FITNESS FUN with this Party Time Boot Camp

Party Time Boot Camp

Summer kick-off is just around the corner! Here’s a fun twist to add to your next BBQ or birthday party: “Party Time Boot Camp”! It’s a great way to sneak in a little fitness and show the kiddos (and adults) that workouts can be fun. Don’t forget to take photos! This is Insta-worthy fun.

This workout is great for groups of all ages and doesn’t require much equipment. It’s perfect for a backyard or park. You’ll need one fearless and energetic “leader” to keep everyone moving, and a group of willing participants.

Set up:

Equipment:  2 ping pong paddles, 4 Frisbees, and 1 Smart Medicine Ball.

Set up time: 5 minutes.

Identify the space you will use. There will need to be a “start” and a “finish”. Keep the area between the start and finish big enough so the adults can run between and still get some good work in, while keeping in mind that the kids might lose interest if it’s too hard. Mark the start area corners with two Frisbees, and then mark the finish corners with two Frisbees (the benefit of the Frisbees is that you can always adjust if needed!) Have the participants line up between the “Start” Frisbees, and the leader will be closer to the finish end, facing the participants.

Ready. Set. GO!

  1. Red Light, Green Light

Goal: First one to the “finish” section wins the round!

Leader uses two ping pong paddles, one red, one green. Hold up green Paddle and yell “GREEN LIGHT” signaling “GO”, then hold up red paddle and yell “RED LIGHT”, signaling “STOP”.

8 Rounds, each with a different move!

  • Sprint (traditional)
  • Frog Jumps (Low squat, hands toward ground, jump forward, land in low squat. Repeat.)
  • Power Skips (Your typical childhood skip with extra power and the highest knees you can do!)
  • Crab Crawls (Hands and feet on ground, belly up, moving hands and feet in forward motion.)
  • Agility Shuffle (Turn to the side, grapevine feet back and forth, moving from start to finish.)
  • Broad Jump Burpees (1 burpee, 1 broad jump moving towards finish line)
  • Lunge walks (Alternate legs in walking lunge to move toward finish)
  • Bear Crawls (Hands and feet on ground, hips in air, moving hands and feet in forward motion)
  1. Wheel Barrow Races!

This race is a down and back event, so each partner gets a turn at being the “wheelbarrow”, and the “hauler”. Grab a partner, and race down and back. Make the switch where you’ve marked the finish line for the other events.

First one back from round wins!

  1. Human Hurdles

Line up in row. Have everyone Plank. Either a high arm plank (pictured below) or a forearms plank. Leave space in between each person. Once everyone is situated, instructor yells “GO” and the first person in line gets up and jumps or steps over each person until they get to the end. When they reach the end, they drop to a plank position and become the last in line. Once the person’s turn is over, the next person goes. For those who don’t wish to jump or step high, have them step over people’s feet. Repeat until everyone has had a turn at being the jumper. Make sure you leave enough room as your line “grows”.

  1. “Choose Your Balance” Contest

Choose a handstand, headstand, crow pose, or some type of standing balance such as “Tree Pose”. Everyone gathers in workout area. When the instructor says “GO” start your balance exercise. Longest Hold WINS!

  1. Medicine Ball Relay: 2 Rounds- Timed!

Finish with some TEAMWORK!

Now your perimeter of the four corners is your designated relay area. If you have a large group, you may need to increase the area. Have everyone line up around the perimeter in generally equal distance from one another.  You could also line up around the house or along a fitness track if you have one nearby. The first person holds the Smart Medicine Ball (hoisted over the shoulder) and when the instructor says “GO”, they run to the next person in line. Then, that person runs to the next, and so on, until the last person reaches the end. The instructor times the event.

Round 2: Now your team has a goal: they must do it again but BEAT the first time! This is a great way to get everyone working together and finishing with big smiles.

We hope our Party Time Boot Camp brings some fun and exercise to your summer! Looking forward to seeing your images when you tag us @prismfitnessgroup in your Instagram posts!

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