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If you’re looking for a way to crush your fitness goals, try using the SMART method.

If you’re like most people, your New Year’s resolution for this year was to get in better shape. Maybe this has been your resolution for the past five, maybe ten years. The problem is that resolutions are hard to keep and often don’t even last a month. But there’s no need to give up; with some planning and effort, you can crush your fitness goals the SMART way.

Broad goals without a strategy are less likely to lead to success. Because many people set goals in a vague and unproductive way and before they know it, those new year goals go right down the drain along with the enthusiasm to make new ones.

This is why we suggest trying the SMART method, used widely in business and wellness circles, to formulate and execute winning results. S.M.A.R.T is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Apply your goals to this template, and you will be on a winning path!

By setting goals we can maintain a healthy lifestyle. Staying on track with both health and fitness goals benefits us in many ways including having better overall health as we age. That is why we created Now is the Time: Make Room for the Best You Fitness Planner and Journal.

Now is the Time Fitness Journal and Planner. This planner is free to download for subscribers and is ideal for maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Ready. Set. GOAL!

To get started, keep a few things in mind to help yourself stay motivated and to crush your fitness goals:

1. First, make sure that you’re working towards the right goals. If your goal is weight loss, make sure that you’re eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly.

2. Make sure you’re consistently working towards those goals. If you miss a day or a week, don’t let that deter you – get back on track the next day or week.

3. Set realistic expectations for your health and where you are currently in your life. Your plan is for your health, no one else’s.

4. If you haven’t been active, don’t expect to be able to do push-ups immediately; start by doing a set of 5 from your knees and gradually increase the number as you become stronger.

5. Finally, make sure to keep track of your progress so you can take the wins. Let your progress count!

Our Fitness Planner and Journal starts by walking you through the SMART method for goal setting followed by multiple pages for tracking progress.

Crush Your Fitness Goals Using the SMART Method. SMART Chart. Download Our Free Fitness Planner and Journal to Get Started Today!

Let’s Crush Your Fitness Goals The SMART Way

Your plan is to increase your activity level this year, you need to deep-dive to get to the heart of how to make your goal a reality.

Now, Let’s look through the SMART strategy using some real-life examples, including increasing our activity levels, so we can move through the planning and into the action phase.

S- Specific

Specific. Make a goal. Break your goal down into smaller, more manageable, and specific steps.

Rather than simply saying, “I’m going to exercise more,” say “I plan to use two different pieces of my home gym on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 30 minutes each day”. OR “I plan to use work on my strength training for 20 minutes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and I plan to do 20 minutes of balance training Tuesday and Thursday.”

When planning your workouts, you want to make sure they are evenly paced, long enough to meet the goal, but not too long. Also, you could try to create a plan for your workout that includes cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises.

M- Measurable

Measurable. When you have something you can track, it’s easier to know if you are on point. If your goal is to go to the gym MWF, keep track of the days you actually followed through in a fitness app, or on your calendar.

You can also download our fitness planner and journal for free by clicking here or on the graphic below. There you will find several pages to track your goals and measure your progress. Oh, did we mention? It’s free. Created just for you with our team of fitness experts.

Crush Your Fitness Goals Using the SMART Method. SMART Chart. Download Our Free Fitness Planner and Journal to Get Started Today!

A- Attainable

Attainable. If you know you consistently have other commitments on Wednesday nights, don’t create a goal that says you will be at the gym on those nights. Choosing something that you know you can commit to will help you avoid a roadblock.

Many people try to do too much at once and ultimately fail because they can’t manage all of the tasks required to reach their goals. Breaking your goal down into smaller, more manageable goals makes it easier to track your progress and stay on track.

Begin slowly. You don’t have to go from couch potato to gym rat overnight! Instead, start small. Consider your current health condition and the time it takes to complete your goal.

For example, start by walking 1-2 miles every day. If you’re in a cold climate that may mean bundling up and going outside for a brisk walk instead of sitting in front of the TV. We know, you can do this!

R- Relevant

Relevant. Going to the gym is a great place to get in more exercise and is totally relevant to your goal. However, make sure you have a good plan of what you will do once you get there. Are you there to take a group fitness class? If you plan to work out on the gym floor, you may need to write up a workout plan ahead of time so you can make the best use of your time while you are there.

Maybe going to the gym is too intimidating or time-consuming so that doesn’t feel relevant to you. We get it. We don’t want that to be your hang-up. That is why we have created a complete line of Smart Self-Guided equipment. You can create a routine using the movements printed right on the equipment taking all the guesswork out of what to do next.

T- Time-bound

Time-bound. It’s helpful to Include an end-point in goal setting. Knowing that you have a deadline can motivate you to persevere through the select time period.

Go back to looking at your specific goal. If it was, for example, to use two new pieces of equipment on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You would now add a timeframe you want to hit your goal, such as “For the months of January, February, and March.”

Once you hit the end of the timeframe, reevaluate, and set a new goal, adjusting for what you learned in the process.

Crush Your Fitness Goals and Celebrate

Set a goal and strive to complete it. A healthy lifestyle includes having a positive attitude and encouraging yourself to push forward so give yourself the wins when you hit those goals. If you have not met your goal don’t beat yourself up, that will just keep you from moving forward. Find ways to celebrate every little win. Maybe your goals include how you will celebrate your hard work.

Using the SMART method is a great way to learn how to set your fitness goals and make them happen.

Here is what you will get to crush your fitness goals in the Now is the Time: Make Room for the Best You Fitness Planner and Journal:

  • Motivational Wall Art
  • Personal Motivation Journal Page
  • SMART Goal Education Page
  • SMART Goals Setting Pages
  • Action Takers Journal Page
  • Undated Calendar with Goal Boxes
  • Workout Reflection Journal Page
  • 4 Fitness Planner Pages
  • My Fitness Goal Tracking Sheet
  • 4 Workout Log Pages
  • Measurement Tracker
  • Let’s Stay Connected Social Media Network Page

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Crush Your Fitness Goals Using the SMART Method. SMART Chart. Download Our Free Fitness Planner and Journal to Get Started Today!

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