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Staying healthy at your Workplace

You’re working a 9 to 5 and you want to be more intentional about your health and wellness. Be encouraged – you’re not alone! More and more people are moving toward a healthier lifestyle that fits into their work schedule.

Research shows that a healthy adult needs just 30 minutes per day of exercise to maintain optimal health. The key is finding time to fit it in. 30 minutes is not much time at all and the options are endless for what to do with those 30  minutes – even in the workplace.

We all know these things.

But we get it. It can be challenging to fit fitness and healthy habits into your daily life, particularly when you’re working. The break room is full of cake and donuts, the vending machines are full of junk food, and our daily to do list leaves us sitting most of the day checking off boxes.

And yet, small changes can have a huge impact on your health. Truly, it doesn’t need to be as difficult as you think.

It just requires a little bit of intention and preparation.

What does it mean to set an intention? We can make plans to be more active, eat better, and to lose weight. But how easily can those plans be thwarted as soon as something comes up. Yes, sometimes plans change.

But when you choose to set an intention, chances are higher that you are going to accomplish the goal and task.

Move More!

Set an intention that you’re going to find ways to get moving!

If your office offers fitness classes, thank your lucky stars and use them! That’s what they are there for after all. A lot of larger employers with corporate campuses will offer exercise classes, health related courses, and facilities for their employees to  have ample opportunity to invest in their health.

So, take the express lunch class! Set an intention to make it to morning yoga/pilates. And after an intense meeting, go to the afternoon HIIT training for a total sweat session!

What if your office doesn’t provide any fitness opportunities, but they have a space allotted for you to use for fitness? Your options just opened up! Get creative! What could you do with an open space like that?

  • Bring a Smart Mat with you and use the sequence of yoga, core, and stretch moves printed right on the mat for an easy go-to workout. It’s all there for you!

  • Prism Medicine Balls give you self guided workouts with the exercises printed right on the ball, or, depending on your space, you can try these exercises: Figure 8 skaters, Squat Jumps, and Halos.”

  • Foam roller exercises can be done in a small space with lots of versatility. Try using them under your desk for a foot massage. (This is a great option if you’ve been wearing heels all day!)
  • Try our Prism Printable Workouts! Scroll through our blog and check for printable pdf’s that will lead you step by step on how to do an exercise. You can also sign up for our weekly email to receive a digtal copy, and link to our videos that give you a moving visual in case that’s more your style.
  • There’s no need for a room full of weights to get a strength workout in when you have a collection of resistance bands. Bonus: they’re so small, you can store them in your desk drawer!

What else can you do at work to move more? Get creative!

For example, do you have a fitbit? During your break, grab a co-worker and take a walk! You could also park as far away from the building as possible so you need to walk further and get in extra steps. Make a few trips to the car intentionally.

Finally, what does your posture look like? Believe it or not, posture matters a great deal and simply being intentional about having good posture can make a huge difference in your health. Working people tend to have poor posture since they are not challenged to do so!

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