Find out why adding cross-training to your regular exercise routine can actually make you fitter. 5-day cross-training workout included!


Add cross-training for a boost to your workout!

Traditionally, to get better at a sport, you practice the physical activity that supports the skill set required to perform at increasingly higher levels. However, focusing on only one major muscle group or only working to develop a certain range of skills may limit your capacity for athletic growth.

Cross-training, because it can involve multiple types of exercises across various platforms, can allow you to go beyond your primary athletic activity and strengthen muscles, joints, and ligaments throughout the body. Runners, cyclists, swimmers, and all types of sports athletes can benefit from conditioning all parts of their bodies.

In fact, you don’t even need to be an athlete of another sport to reap the benefits of a cross-training program. If your goal is to boost your overall fitness level, a cross-training program can get you there. 

Avoid Hitting a Plateau

Exercise puts demands on the systems of the body by increasing blood flow, respiration, and circulation. Our bodies are designed to adapt to these stresses on the system. Eventually, doing the same exercise repeatedly becomes easier because our bodies become more efficient at the execution. Changing up the exercises, either by frequency, intensity, time, or type of exercise, will force the body to work harder as it’s in a constant state of change. This variety in routine will continually advance your fitness and keep your body from hitting a plateau.

Increased Aerobic Capacity

When you limit yourself to a particular sport, you may burn out from engaging in only one type of movement or group of movement patterns. During cross-training, when you’re feeling maxed out or sore, you can switch to a different exercise which allows you to continue your training session. Being able to go longer during a session increases your stamina. This leads to greater aerobic capacity and a higher level of overall conditioning.

Increased Sports Performance

When you develop a habit of engaging multiple muscle groups, you create dynamic flexibility in your body that can make you able to respond faster and adapt quicker as you play or compete. Sports-specific training is essential to develop and master certain skills, but you will notice an overall performance boost when your whole body is conditioned vs. if you simply practiced your athletic skill of choice. 

Mix Up Your Workout!

Find out why adding cross-training to your regular exercise routine can actually make you fitter. 5-day cross-training workout included!

5 Days of Cross Training Workouts with just 3 pieces of Equipment

What you’ll need:

SMART Medicine Ball

SMART Stability Ball

SMART Ab Core Wheel

Day 1

Stability Ball: Jackknife

SMART Medicine Ball: Lunge Pass

SMART Core Ab Wheel: Core Wheel Plank

Day 2

Stability Ball: Reverse Bridge

SMART Medicine Ball: Superman

SMART Core Ab Wheel: Bridge Hold

Day 3

Stability Ball: Side Leg Lifts

SMART Medicine Ball: Mountain Climber

SMART Core Ab Wheel: Knee Tuck

Day 4

Stability Ball: Back Extension

SMART Medicine Ball: Hip Hinge Toss

SMART Core Ab Wheel: Plank To Pike

Day 5

Stability Ball: Passovers

SMART Medicine Ball: Overhead Circle

SMART Core Ab Wheel: Wide Stance Front Roll Out

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