How To Do a Knee to Elbow Plank on the Stability Ball Step 4

Featured Move: Knee to Elbow Plank on the Stability Ball

Featured Product: Smart Stability Ball

The stability ball is not just for core work…it’s a great tool to build strength! Try a plank hold or add an alternating knee to elbow for an increased challenge.

What the experts say:

Don’t be afraid of a little wobble. It’s just your body adjusting to stay in the work.



Start in a plank position with your elbows on the stability ball directly under your shoulders. Beginners can start with their knees on the ground. As you gain strength, the starting position will be on your toes. Align your body from head to toe bracing your core.


Move one knee toward the outer portion of your elbow as you keep the other foot on the floor. Be prepared to steady yourself on the ball as your weight shifts. Maintain spinal alignment.

Step 3:

Keeping your body balanced on the stability ball, steadily push your foot back toward your other foot.  

Step 4:

Extend your foot all the way so that it is parallel with the ground while keeping your other foot on the ground and maintaining your upper body still on the ball. Return the leg to the floor and repeat with the other leg.


The SMART Stability Ball:

The Smart Stability Balls are self-guided for users at all fitness levels. They feature 13 exercises that are printed on the ball for easy reference.

Three sizes available, each are burst-resistant (PVC construction) and includes a pump.

Watch the video here!

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