How To Do a Crow Pose Step 3

 Featured Move: Crow Pose

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Crow Pose is an arm balance pose that strengthens your upper arms, forearms, and abdominal muscles while improving balance and full body coordination.


Lower into a squat with your heels lifted and your feet hips-width apart. Place the inside of your knees to the back side of your upper arms. Spread your fingers wide and place your palms to the floor about shoulder distance apart.


Push your hands into the floor and lift your hips into the air as your head moves toward the floor. Maintain a long neck by keeping your shoulders away from your ear and keep your arms in a bent position. Shift your body weight until you lift onto the balls of your feet as you gently lean forward. Be sure to keep your tailbone tucked and your abs braced as you round your back.

Step 3:

Lift one foot off the ground as you continue to activate your core and arms. Once stable, lift and leverage your other foot into the air while maintaining alignment. Beginners, try holding for a few seconds. As you get stronger in this pose, increase the amount of hold time.

Step 4:

Lower one foot, and then the other as you ease your body back to a low squat position. Repeat movement, or push through the heels to stand.



The Smart Mat has 14 Core Exercises printed on one side and 14 Stretching Poses on the other side for easy reference. The mat features a durable, non-slip surface and can be rolled for easy storage and transportation. Mat is 6-ft long by 2-ft wide.

What the experts say:

This mat is provides excellent cushion and stability for performing balance poses such as Crow Pose.


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