Don’t be Resistant to add Fitness Cables to your workout routine!

What is a Fitness Cable, exactly, and how do they work?

Fitness cables are a great tool to add variety and challenge to your workouts. They offer an innovative way to target particular muscle groups in new ways, so if you’re looking for something different in your exercise routine, fitness cables could be the answer. Not only do fitness cables give you the opportunity to work on multiple muscle groups simultaneously, but they also provide resistance training which helps build muscle strength and endurance.

What makes fitness cables different from traditional resistance strength bands? Fitness cables provide varying levels of resistance, similar to strength bands. Some cables, such as our Smart Guard Sleeved Tubing, are encased in a nylon sheathing that enhances safety and comfort during resistance training. But the main difference is fitness cables and sleeved tubing have handles at both ends, which make them more comfortable and easier to use than typical looped resistance bands.

Fitness cables can provide continuous tension but will force the select muscle group to work the hardest at the end of the arc when the band is pulled tight. Fitness cables allow you to feel resistance in every phase of the movement (unlike free weights). You can learn more about the difference between free weights and fitness cables here.

Where do you typically see Fitness Cables used?

  1. Rehab
  2. Recovery
  3. Strength Training

Fitness cables are a very versatile tool in the fitness world. Lighter bands can be used in exercises to rehab an injury, or in a stretching routine to increase the range of motion. Heavier bands can be added to make your workouts progressively harder. Each band is color-coded to indicate resistance level, and by using the Smart Quick Flip Handles, users can create their own multi-level resistance system right at their fingertips.

Are you looking to spice up your workout routine and take it to the next level? Adding fitness cables to your regular routine is a great way to mix things up and increase intensity. Fitness cables are an essential piece of gym equipment that can be used for strength training and conditioning exercises – so there’s something for everyone. They’re also a great way to work on muscle coordination and balance, which are key components in any effective workout regimen.

If you want to add even more variety to your cable workouts, the Smart Resistance Wall Gym can be installed on your wall to enhance your training sessions.

Five reasons to add Fitness Cables to your routine.

1. Protect your joints and muscles.

2. Perfect for traveling

3. Whole-body workout at any fitness or recovery level

4. A cost-effective way to build a multi-level strength training system

5. Easy to learn and safe to use.

3 Fitness Cable exercises to try: 

What you’ll need:

Find a sturdy pole or tree and wrap the fitness cable or tubing around. Or grab your Smart Door Anchor Deluxe and simply loop in your fitness cable through the anchor, and close the door on the knob end. Now pull until you find the beginning of the resistance arc when the cable starts to feel taut. You’re all set to try the following exercises!

1. Squat Hold with Leg Lift

Facing the pole/tree/door/wall gym, sit in a squat position holding the handles of the cable with one in each hand. Balance your body with the weight in your heels, chest lifted, shoulders back. Alternate lifting your legs as you hold your body steady using the cable.

2. Rowing

Facing the pole/tree/door/wall gym, hold the handles with one in each hand evenly on each side. Next, ground your legs with a slight bend in the knee. Pull back at your elbows while keeping your shoulders down. Return to the start position slowly to enhance the eccentric phase.

3. Punching

Facing away from the pole/tree/door/wall gym, hold one cable handle in each hand with even distribution on each side. The cable should lay on the outside of your arm. Next, lean slightly forward, brace your torso, and extend one arm out, twisting the fist during the extension until the fingernails face the ground. Avoid locking the elbow. Retract back to starting position and alternate arms as you punch in the air. Repeat while keeping the tension steady.

A good place to start any workout is 6 to 8 reps followed by a break between exercises and doing 2 to 3 sets(rounds) of the workout. If it’s too easy, either increase the number of reps or the resistance level of your fitness cable!

If you’re looking to add something new and challenging to your fitness routine, then look no further than fitness cables. Fitness cables are an effective and versatile exercise tool that can help you get the most out of your workouts in many different ways. With an added level of resistance, these cables can be used for a variety of exercises to help you strengthen and tone muscles.

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