running in the wintry forest

Brrr. The cold weather may leave you wanting to hibernate and load up on hearty meals, but we have a good reason to stay tough through the winter months with an outdoor workout.

Burn More Calories in the Cold

Turns, out, cold weather may give you a more solid calorie burning session than temperate climates. For starters, you body will expend more energy to keep warm and regulate your core temperature. Cold weather also simulates a certain type of fat store and both of those factors can lead to burning up to 400-500 more calories per day. Of course, all exercise can boost your metabolism, but adding in some cold weather training could result in a higher metabolic increase.

Improve Your Immune System

Getting out in the cold can also improve your immune system, according the Mayo Foundation. Their study found that regular outdoor, cold-weather exercise reduced susceptibility of colds by 20-30 percent!

Get some winter workouts on your schedule now. Try these:

  • Snowshoe racing
  • Winter trail running
  • Downhill skiing
  • XC skiing
  • Winter hiking
  • Skijoring

End your cold weather workout with an indoor foam roll session after you’ve warmed up. Your muscles will appreciate the extra attention.

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