Check Out Five Fantastic Fitness Finds for the Holidays!

One of the best gifts we can give someone is the encouragement to keep moving. This holiday season is the perfect time to show your loved ones how much you care about their health and well-being. What better way to do that than with a gift that will help them get fit and healthy? we’ve made it easy with these five fantastic fitness finds!

Our holiday gift guide will take you through our five favorite pieces of equipment, so you aren’t left wondering what to get that special someone this year. In-home fitness equipment is perfect for the fitness enthusiast or someone who just wants to stay active, no matter the season.

Here are five great self-guided fitness gift ideas that are sure to please even the most difficult to shop for people on your list! Plus, some easy-to-travel with stocking stuffers!

1. Smart Exercise Mat 16mm (Blue)

Our super comfortable exercise mat is a great option for anyone. It’s our best seller for a reason! With the extra cushion compared to a traditional yoga mat, our exercise mat is the perfect choice for any floor work, from stretching to core exercises. It’s an excellent choice for anyone with back pain or injuries because of its extra cushion and comfort.

This mat is great for use at home or the gym. It comes with a carrying strap to make it super easy to transport!

Smart Exercise Mat - Order Now

2. Smart Core Wheel

Why settle for just the standard crunches when you could be adding variety and challenge to your mid-section workout! One of the biggest benefits of the Smart Core Ab Wheel over others is you can use it as a standard core wheel and hold on to it with your hands or you can challenge yourself and strap your feet in! Plus, for those who have limited workout space at home, the handles fold down for easy storage!

We’ve made this an easy gift for beginners to learn to use. Our core wheel comes with a mat for your knees.   If you’re a beginner or intermediate fitness user, we recommend starting by doing all 6 exercises as printed directly on the mat from your knees. If you’re a fitness expert take the challenge and complete all exercises as depicted on the included mat!

Smart Core Ab Wheel - Order Now

3. Smart Straps

Bodyweight training is HOT right now and our Smart Straps with the exercises printed right on the product make this the perfect gift for the novice or experienced fitness fanatic!

This type of training covers a lot of ground in your fitness routine.  It can improve muscular strength and endurance while even improving joint mobility and flexibility. Because you are constantly working on stability, the exercises engage your core and improve your balance.

Don’t be misled by appearance, because you will get a killer workout, and our self-guided product makes it easy to learn!  Read How to Get the most out of Smart Straps Body Weight Training here!

Smart Straps Body Weight Trainer

 4. Smart Stability Balls

Using an exercise ball, as opposed to a weight bench or on a flat stable surface, is a great option to upgrade your regular work. The body responds to the instability of the ball to remain balanced, forcing various muscles to be engaged.

Your core muscles work together to protect your spine and help with everyday activities like bending, throwing, lifting, reaching, and running. These all use stabilizer muscles. Keeping them well-conditioned is very important to overall health. Without conditioned stabilizer muscles, simple movements like pulling, walking, and running go unsupported and leave you at risk for injuries.

Training on a stability ball is one way to work this group of hard-to-reach muscles. Even just by sitting on the ball, you’re able to activate the stabilizer muscles and improve your posture.

Those muscles become stronger over time to keep you balanced on and off the ball.

While it’s true that many people associate stability balls with core work, there are many exercises you can do that will also engage your legs, and upper body to increase strength. SMART Stability balls can be a strength training tool for the rest of your body.

Stuck for workout ideas? Our Self-Guided products are the perfect solution.

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5. Foam Roller

Sore from sitting all day at work or that tough workout in the gym? It doesn’t matter how you get sore; it happens to everyone. One fast and easy way to get some relief is using the Smart Recovery Foam Roller. This is not a typical foam roller – the Smart Recovery Foam Roller is innovative and easy to use. It features a unique cover that has several exercises printed directly on it.

Many people don’t know how to use one, so we took the guesswork out of it! The Smart Recovery Foam Roller can help relieve soreness in your lower back, quads, hamstrings, and calves.

Want to learn more about the benefit of foam rolling? Read them here!

Smart Recovery Foam Roller - Order Now

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Fantastic Fitness Finds Bonus Stocking Stuffers

Looking for gifts that travel? Whether you need gifts that fit in your suitcase or stocking stuffers as you hit the road for the holidays, or you want to give the frequent traveler in your life a gift they’ll use for years to come, we have you covered with these 4 stocking stuffers!

1. Smart Strength Bands

These are lightweight, easy to toss in a suitcase, and great for travel whether it’s for work or pleasure. They provide even better workouts than traditional free weights, learn more here!

2&3. Smart Quick Flip Handles & Fitness Cables

Perfectly portable and offer many resistance options. Buy just one set of handles and then purchase separate cables that match your resistance needs. Choose from 10 different cable strengths. The handle design lets you quickly change cables with a few simple clicks. One set of handles and a couple of cables means a full-body workout, literally in the palm of your hand!

4. Mini Flat Bands

These bands are looped small resistance bands that also travel well. Mini Flat Bands are great to loop around the legs for Pilates, stretching, physical therapy, toning, and strength training. Resistance options include light, medium, or heavy. Need exercise ideas using these bands? Check out this Prism Fitness YouTube video for a great workout plan!

No need to resist… resistance bands are portable gifts to give and receive this holiday season!

No matter your fitness needs this holiday season, we have you covered with our five fantastic fitness finds and some easy-to-grab stocking stuffers. We’re teaming with you this holiday season to encourage those people on your list to stay fit and healthy this holiday season.

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