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Resistance training without weights?

How to use Strength Bands in your routine to help build muscle.

Do you have trouble finding time to workout or make it to the gym?

 There are many different kinds of excuses when it comes to working out, but one of the most common is not having access to a gym.

 Strength training with Strength Bands is perfect for people with busy schedules.

Simply, Strength Bands are an easy and quick way to get a good workout no matter where you are. Because they come in a variety of tensions, you can have a multitude of muscle building exercises at your fingertips—literally. Plus, Strength Bands fit easily in a gym bag or suitcase.

Many people believe they cannot build muscle or get stronger without pumping iron in the gym with heavy weights and high reps. It is true, you can’t build muscle without increasing resistance and the number of reps, but you don’t have to lift weights.

Bands are unique as part of an exercise routine because they provide smooth, constant resistance through a range of motion. The diversity of Strength Bands let users add resistance training to any exercise routine.

For example, bands can be used for bicep curls or assist with pull-ups. They can also be used for speed training, conditioning, or during rehabilitation from an injury.

Additionally, with the use of Strength Bands, some exercises are more effective and safer than weights. Shoulders and other upper body movements are easily strengthened with bands.

Bands come in different resistances. Pick a thin band to start with and move to thicker bands as you get stronger.

Bands create both tension and increase the load. By increasing the thickness of the band, the tension can increase dramatically.

Even adding band workouts with weights will add extra resistance that will take a workout to a level you can really “feel.” Add them to lifts like squats or pushups by wrapping a band around your back or hands. During a lift, users can wrap the bands around a bench or attach them to a barbell.

Whether you use bands exclusively for a full body workout or to increase the resistance of other exercises, you’ll be surprised by the difference you feel.

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