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Medicine balls are the perfect addition to your home workout equipment collection. For one thing, it’s a fantastic all-around fitness tool; excellent for building fitness, strength, posture, movement mechanics, and general athletic skills. It’s also very versatile because it can be used at all levels and ages by simply changing up the exercises. 

Medicine Balls are helpful for almost every exercise movement you can imagine. You can use them while seated, standing, lying flat, and both static and dynamic movements. They are often used in sports training scenarios that add a new dimension by reproducing specific actions. This is usually done to boost the speed and accuracy of your movement. 

Medicine ball training is versatile, cost-effective, and simple to learn. In addition, it can be time-efficient because it requires multiple body parts to work together. Using just one weighted ball can help you improve in a variety of areas.


Using a medicine ball, you will be able to create movements that work an entire chain of muscles. In fact, the medicine ball improves your proprioception (perception, body awareness/positioning).

Try this: 

Knee Lift to Runner’s Balance 

Holding the ball between your hands, raise it up over your head and lift one knee up. Next, move the ball diagonally across the body toward the hip of the opposite leg that is lifted (your static leg). At the same time, move your lifted leg behind you, leading with your heel into a runner’s balance, keeping your static knee soft. Repeat in a fluid motion, or, if you need to build into the balance, tap the floor with your moving foot as you pass by.


Adding a weighted dimension and putting your body off-balance helps to work deeper muscles in your body. When you strengthen the muscles that are vital to maintaining good posture, the result will be reduced injury rates (better core stability, stronger back). Even better, by developing your intermuscular coordination, including abs and lower back muscles, you’ll end up burning more calories by using more muscle mass.

Try this: 

Side Lunge to Overhead Press with Knee Lift

Holding the ball between your hands at chest level, step one foot out horizontal into a side lunge while reaching the ball toward the lunging leg. Next, bring your leg back and immediately lift your knee up while simultaneously reaching straight up with both hands, holding the ball directly above your shoulders.


Our SMART Medicine balls come in various weights to provide a challenge in a variety of exercises and are great, whether you’re a complete novice or a pro. Five weights and sizes are available: 4lb 6lb 8lb 10lb, and 15lb. They come in fun colors and have self-guided workouts printed right on the ball if you’re ever stuck for a workout.

Want even MORE Smart Medicine Ball exercises? 

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