Smart Medicine Ball Plank on Smart Mat, 16mm

With a full schedule, it can be hard to carve out time to make it to the gym. Wouldn’t it be nice it you could get a full workout without leaving your house? Whether you have a dedicated room, or just an area of your home, we’ve rounded up some essential products guaranteed to keep you busy without taking up a lot of space.


SMART Medicine Ball

Medicine Balls are very versatile. Our Smart Medicine Balls are a functional fitness staple. The weighted center forces the user to use different muscle groups to throw, bounce or twist with the ball.

8 exercises are printed on each ball for easy reference. They also feature a textured surface for a reliable grip and made of sturdy rubber.

Try these exercises for a mix of cardio and strength training:

Jack Press: Start with your feet together, hands holding the medicine ball at your chest. Jump both feet out to the side, while pressing the ball straight out in front of you. Return to start position. Vary the speed to add cardio intensity.

Plank Medicine Ball: Put the Medicine Ball under both ands and hold your body in a high plank, balancing on the Medicine Ball. It takes the plank to a whole new level! Increase your hold times as you improve.

Core Wheel

If you think this product is just about building your core, think again! Our Smart Core Wheel will bring your body weight exercises to a whole new level. Shoulders, triceps, lats, legs, and yes, core muscles will be seriously challenged.

Smart Straps

Have you ever stared at those dangling straps at the gym and wondered what to do with them?

Body weight training using straps can be intimidating to a novice, but we’ve developed our SMART  STRAPS  product line with our signature self-guided exercises printed directly on the straps for easy reference.

Three Reasons to Try Body Weight Training using our SMART Straps

  1. It’s an amplified version of your regular body-weight exercises
  2. It’s accommodating for people of all fitness levels –from novices to elite athletes
  3. It’s completely portable making it easy to take your workout with you anywhere!

Don’t be deceived by appearance, because you will get a killer workout, and our self-guided product makes it easy to learn!

New! Celing/Wall Mount!

And now, even if your doorframes, trim or space around your door openings are not ideal for the smart strap, we have a new solution: The smart strap ceiling Wall Mount. This new product allows you to put the smart straps in a place that works best for you! If you have a dedicated room for home fitness, this is a perfect way to add smart straps to your own gym.



Whether you want to run through some sun salutations, or work on building your flexibility through some focused stretching, our Smart Mats are a great choice. They are thick to provide cushion to your body, and durable to stand up to your repeated workouts. The 16mm Smart Mat has 14 Core Exercises printed on one side and 14 Stretching Poses on the other side for easy reference. Roll it up to put in your closet, or use the sturdy grommets to hang!


SMART Recovery: Self-Guided Muscle Release Roller

The general idea behind foam rolling exercises is that by applying direct loads to your muscles, you lengthen and massage the underlying tissues. The use of foam rollers for effectively reducing muscle tension is now a widely accepted fitness practice and makes it easier to resume those challenging workouts.

Using foam rollers can

  • Increase blood flow and elevate heat in the involved tissue.
  • Reduce tightness and soreness in muscles promoting proper muscle recovery
  • Increase joint range of motion (ROM), which is important before a challenging workout.
  • Promote a feeling of relaxation after a workout.


A collection pre-made just for you!

SMART In-Home Bootcamp

Our Bootcamp package offers a range of our Smart Products to suit every lifestyle and fitness aspiration, while doing it in the comfort of your home. Along with product, we’ll provide you with a boot camp workout of your own!

Bootcamp includes:
(1) 20lb, 30lb and 40lb Resistance Cables
(1 pair) Quick Flip Handles
(1) Smart Speed Jump Rope
(1) 6lb Medicine Ball
(1) Mini Band: Medium
(1) 65cm Stability Ball
(1) Kettlebell Sandbag
(1) Foam Roller
(1) 6mm Exercise Mat

Three Reasons to LOVE these products:

  1. Build Multiple Routines
  2. Store in a closet or small room.
  3. Our SMART fitness products put the moves right on the product so you’ll never be at a loss for what to do!

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