Viper 360 Belt Set

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Medium Belt Set (29-32 inch waist)
Large Belt Set (32-36 inch waist)
X-Large Belt Set (36+ inch waist)

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The Viper 360 Belt Set is a premium speed belt system used for a beginner just learning about resistance training or by professionals working in groups. Most beginners are unaware of the value of training these muscle groups for maximum performance. It’s designed to improve sprinting, leaping, and directional quickness, preparing athletes for any situation. . Most sports and activities require the individual to respond quickly to be successful. This is achieved by applying resistance in every direction we can run. A rotating ring on the belt moves athletes quickly between resistance and assistance modes.

The Viper 360 Belt Set includes an 8-foot sheathed flexicord that safely stretches to 20-feet and a padded waist belt that features 1 Saturn ring and 3 stationary D-rings. These features allow the trainer to direct random movement to simulate most sports while keeping the individual safe. The set also includes an attachment handle/safety belt for the training partner.


  • Versatile training equipment for users of all levels
  • Padded belt with 1 Saturn ring and 3 stationary D-rings
  • Quick transitions between resistance and assistance
  • 8ft flexicord safely stretches to 20ft
  • Handle/belt for a training partner

1 review for Viper 360 Belt Set

  1. Will Bartholomew

    The versatility of the Viper 360 Belt Set is unmatched in the market today. It’s innovative equipment we can count on.

    – President/CEO of D1 Sports Training

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