Workhorse Harness


Medium (130-170 lbs)
Large (170-210 lbs)
X-Large (210+ lbs)

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The Workhorse Harness is an all-in-one harness that can be used with any attachment to train every game time movement. From shuffles, bounds, sprints, drops, backpedals, swings, throws, and kicks, the Workhorse Harness is capable of putting resistance or over-speed in every movement without altering the natural mechanics of those movements.

The Workhorse Harness, with leash, provides easy transitions between training drills; no more switching between belts and harnesses. Workhorse will give you the flexibility you need to train efficiently and comfortably.

Each Workhorse Harness is hand-sewn in the USA from heavy-duty materials to ensure incredible quality and durability.

We eliminate the need for multiple harnesses and belts. Now every athlete can have his or her own custom fit harness. Athletes can very quickly move from station to station, drill to drill, in large numbers or small, without fumbling to get equipment on and ready. Simply step up, attach desired equipment for predetermined drill, and go.

The Workhorse comes in sizes Medium through X-Large. Each Workhorse is made with and adjustable waist as well as adjustable shoulder straps. Once strapped into the Workhorse athletes have the options to hook up to many different steel rings that are sewn into the harness located at:

  • Left Hip
  • Right Hip
  • Lower Back
  • Center of Back
  • Left Shoulder Blade
  • Right Shoulder Blade
  • Left Peck
  • Right Peck

In addition to those 8 solid attachment points the Workhorse also has 2 Saturn Ring which rotate nearly 360 degrees around the athletes waist. The Saturn Rings let us anchor from 2 different points while working drills that require multiple changes of direction. The Workhorse can be attached to any Resistance Cords, Quick Release Leash, Sleds, Leashes, and other attachments.


  • 4 stationary D-rings and 1 Saturn ring for multi-directional training
  • Hand-sewn, heavy-duty construction
  • Padded, adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt
  • 7-foot leash included

Sizing Guide

  • Medium, 130-170lb
  • Large, 170-210lb
  • X-Large, 210lb+


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