Lateral Resistor


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The Lateral Resistor provides resistance to agility, lateral movement, first step and sprinting exercises.  Many individuals and more specifically athletes often ignore conditioning and strengthening the muscles important in everyday movement. Developing these muscles can help minimize injury while helping you get ready for all levels of physical activity. The product is suitable for the high-level user as well as casual fitness buffs. This is great for athletes who specifically look to train for an explosive first step.  It also helps athletes to maintain proper body positioning for lateral movements and strengthens muscles responsible for lateral speed. Easy to use on the court, field or at home!

The felt-padded ankle cuffs provide a snug, comfortable fit. Ankle cuffs fit most athletes. The cuffs are easy to remove hook and loop straps. This makes them ideal for quick swapping between athletes or circuit training. The cable is 15-inch long and securely fixed to the ankle cuff. With three (3) levels of resistance they are appropriate for all levels of fitness and any sport where first step and lateral movement is important.

Lateral Resistor Available Sizes:

  • Light, Red
  • Medium, Blue
  • Heavy, Black


  • Train explosive first step
  • Add resistance training to lateral movements
  • Valuable for training for many athletic activities as well as everyday movement
  • Comfortable ankle cuffs
  • Easy on and off for quick transition.
  • Ideal for sharing between athletes

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