Fitness Cables – 30 inch


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The interchangeable Fitness Cables 30 inch, along with the Smart Quick Flip Handles, allow users to create their own resistance systems to strengthen and tone from head to toe. Use different cables for different exercises and ranges of motion. Move up to the next resistance level as your strength increases!

Our 30 inch cables are most popular with our Smart Resistance Wall Gym.

The cables are multi-layered so they feel better and last longer than common extruded bands.

Fitness Cables 30 inch, quick flip handles, ankle cuffs, triple pocket door anchor, and deluxe door anchors all sold separately.


  • Multi-layered rubber for true variable resistance feel and improved durability
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Variety of resistance levels, see below
  • Shorter length than standard fitness cables

Ultimately, the choice between a 30-inch fitness cable and a standard 5ft cable depends on individual preferences, specific workout needs, and the exercises being performed. Some people may find the shorter cable more suitable for their goals and lifestyle, while others may prefer the versatility of a standard length cable.

30inch Fitness Cables(Short Size):

30inch Fitness Cable, 10lb (Teal) $3.20
30inch Fitness Cable, 20lb (Purple) $3.40
30inch Fitness Cable, 30lb (Pink) $3.80
30inch Fitness Cable, 40lb (Magenta) $4.20
30inch Fitness Cable, 50lb (Orange) $4.50
30inch Fitness Cable, 60lb (Red) $4.80
30inch Fitness Cable, 70lb (Yellow) $5.40
30inch Fitness Cable, 80lb (Green) $5.80
30inch Fitness Cable, 90lb (Blue) $6.20
30inch Fitness Cable, 100lb (Black) $6.60


The 30 inch fitness cable is half the size of a standard 5ft Fitness Cables.


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