Smart Ankle Cuff for Fitness Cables


Sold Individually.

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The Smart Ankle Cuff allow you to create your own resistance system to strengthen and tone. The cuff perfect for adding intensity to a variety of exercises to increase their effectiveness. The 2 inch ankle cuff strap is designed for you!  The soft, microbial resistant adjustable cuff provides added comfort and is easy to clean. This strap adjusts to fit most ankle sizes. The Smart Ankle Cuff if commercial grade and perfect for use on sports teams, schools, rehabilitation facilities, and commercial fitness facilities.

Pair the Smart Ankle Cuff with the Smart Resistance Wall Gym to make your lower body exercises more challenging than traditional bodyweight exercises. The cuff is ideal for targeting your legs, especially your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves.  Plus, our Smart Quick Flip technology makes switching between cable sizes a breezes so you can spend your valuable time on your workout!


  • Easy switching between cable sizes
  • Increase their intensity of you favorite exercises
  • Comfortable and easy to clean
  • Sold Individually

Easy Cable Insertion/Removal

  1. Simply lift the two sides of the flip-lock cable cup.
  2. Insert the cable plug through the hole (from the bottom).
  3. Then push down on the cable cups until they “click” into their secured position under the cable plug.

Patent-pending design makes cable changes faster and easier. The “click” tells you the cable is locked and secure.


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