Smart Triple Pocket Door Anchor


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The Smart Triple Pocket Door Anchor is a unique option that allows you to take your in-home training program to another level. This anchor system creates the opportunity to add upper as well as lower body exercises to your routine. The design allows you to combine up to 3 fitness cables to meet your exercise needs.  Our door anchor gives you the most flexibility when paired with our Smart Quick Flip Triple Pocket Handle.  It gives you the ability to adjust your resistance needs based on your difficulty level for each exercise.  The triple pocket option allows you to combine cables you already own to maximize your workout. You can purchase additional cables as you progress to the next level.

The Smart Triple Pocket Door Anchor is manufactured with a strong nylon webbing to safely hold resistance cables during exercise. The anchor is made with a dense rubber which stops it on the door frame. It also includes a rubber pocket to protect resistance cables and keep them in place during use. Commercial quality products created to give you the exercise program you need when you can’t get to the gym.

Order cables, handles, ankle cuffs, and door anchors separately.


  • Knob prevents scratches and scuff on door
  • Versatile anchor allows for placement on side or top of door
  • Multiple door placement allows for a variety of upper and lower body exercises
  • Easy quick change of cables and resistance
  • Light and compact for easy packing for road trips
  • Triple pocket option allows you to combine cable resistances


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