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FEATURED MOVES: Plyometric Variations


Box Jumps are not the only plyometric move you can do with a SMART Plyo Cube. Try these three variations to build your explosive leg power and coordination.

Box Toe Taps

Alternate tapping your toes on top of the Plyo Cube to work on coordination.Keep your posture upright and move your arms in sync with the movement. Start slow and add speed as you improve.

Single Leg Plyometric Sprint Jumps

Step up with your right foot as you leave your left foot on the ground. Position your arms so that your left arm is forward and your right arm is back. Next, bring the knee of your left leg into the air as you press your right foot down down to steady your balance. While your left knee is at the top, leap a few inches off of the Plyo Cube for vertical gain. Return your left leg to the ground followed by your right leg. Repeat. Reverse leg order to work the opposite side.

Depth Drops

Step up one foot at a time until you are standing on the Plyo Cube. Position yourself at the edge of the cube and push your bottom back to a mini-squat position. Jump off the Plyo Cube landing on both feet and drop into a squat hold with your weight centered on your heels to absorb shock. Run around to the start point and repeat.

What the experts say:

The depth drop is a great exercise for athletes as well as those working on fitness goals to learn how to properly absorb force and land in a good position.

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