Here comes 2020!

When the new year approaches, it is customary to make yourself and your health a priority. The extended two months of holiday lifestyle is in full swing right now, and cookies for breakfast sometimes seem like standard fare. 

That looming January 1 date is near when everyone seems to plan for that “hard reset” to get back on the fitness and health wagon. Sometimes the planning gets hardcore all at once with the idea that you will work out 6 or more times a week with a mix of cardio and strength, meditate, eat healthily, and do all of that while still managing your daily routine—family—friends. Sudden, drastic changes to the schedule can be unsustainable and can often lead to failure. 

Make small, incremental changes 

Habits will stick if you make small, incremental changes versus the all-at-once approach.

Stop worrying about a complete re-invention; you just need to find a realistic fitness routine that you can manage within your daily life. The small changes that you integrate daily will determine how your willpower can create healthier habits. Consistency over intensity is often the winner for long term fitness goals.

Plan a tactical approach

First, take a look at your calendar, start with 2-3 days a week of 15-30 minutes. Then block out your exercise times by plugging it in your phone, setting your alarm, or by letting Siri or Alexa help you schedule. If something comes up, reschedule, but never cancel. 

Next, get your equipment or exercises ready. Have your fitness bands, stability ball, exercise mats, and have your space booked out. Finally, it would help if you had ideas on what exercises to do with your body or the equipment you have on hand. Our Prism line of self-guided products eases you into a routine by starting you off with ideas right at your fingertips. 

Remember, fitness routines and a healthy lifestyle are all about balance. So, have the cookie (just maybe not for breakfast). Give yourself time to grow into a fitness routine, and you will be on your way to success.   

For more workout ideas to get you started, check out our #WORKOUTWEDNESDAY playlist on Youtube!

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