Keep Your New Year's Goal with These 4 Quick Tips

Many people start the year with a challenging New Year’s Goal. There is nothing wrong with looking to make a change in your health or fitness. But according to Forbes, 80% of New Year’s Goals will be abandoned by February.

The main reason these goals fail is because people create a goal without a plan. If you need help creating an achievable goal check out our NOW IS THE TIME Fitness Goal Journal. Just sign up for our email list and we will send it to your inbox! Some of us may have already given up on these New Year’s Goal but let’s get back on track with these 4 tips to make them stick!

Take Baby Steps Towards Your New Year’s Goal

  • We set ourselves up for failure by exercising too hard too soon. That’s when we become extremely sore, injured, or discouraged.
  • Gradually increase your workout time and/or intensity.

Find a Buddy

  • Find a form of exercise you enjoy and others who share that enjoyment.
  • Join a running club, biking club, ski club, or tennis team.
  • Sign-up for a race, so you’re working toward a specific goal. Join a training group to help you prepare.
  • Seek out cardio and strength Group Fitness classes at your health club or community center with certified instructors who can guide and encourage you.
  • Register for individual or small group Personal Training sessions.

All of these can be found virtually, so pick a setting and program that best fits your needs!

Celebrate Small Achievements within Your New Year’s Goals

  • Don’t wait until you reach your goal to pat yourself on the back!
  • Set smaller goals along the path to your main goal.
  • Celebrate your successes (in a healthy way) to stay motivated.

Give Yourself a Break!

  • Remember we are human, and humans are not perfect.
  • Don’t dwell on imperfections. If you stray from your path, forgive yourself and get back on track.

Cheers to fitness success and a healthy lifestyle!

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