Smart Core Ab Wheel Push Up Step 2

Featured Move: Knee Tucks (with optional push up)

Featured Product: SMART Core Wheel

This intermediate core wheel move is about synchronized control. The whole chain of muscles from your hip flexors and up toward your shoulders has to work together to stay in form with no breaks in the chain.


Strap your feet into each side of the core wheel and position yourself in high plank position with your hands under your shoulders. Align your body from head to toe.


Keeping your body in alignment, slowly move your knees toward your chest while keeping your bottom down and upper body still. Slowly roll back to high plank position

Step 3:

Move your hands into a slightly wider position from high plank. Hold steady and lower your upper body to the floor. Keep your eyes toward the floor and drop your chest to elbow level. Slowly push the body back up. Move your hands back in to high plank. Repeat Step 2 and 3 in succession for 10 rotations, or as many as you can do while in proper form.

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The Smart Core Wheel delivers the best core workout for the entire core (not just abs!) with one tool. Strap your feet or grip the handles for a great core-focused workout.

  • Includes mat for added comfort for hands or knees
  • 6 Exercises are printed directly on the mat for easy reference
  • Combined handle and foot pedal
  • Adjustable velcro straps to securely fasten feet to the pedals (either facing up or facing down)
  • Easily switch between hand and feet exercises
  • Handles fold down for easy transport and upright storage (patent pending)

What the experts say:

Keeping the wheel in balance and straight as it rolls toward the chest is challenging! Perfecting a slow roll is key to developing proper form. From there, you can change up the tempo to work on varied resistance times.


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