Are you tired of dragging yourself to the gym and slogging through solo workouts? Ditch the monotony and jump on the group fitness bandwagon

When you work out by yourself, does it provide you with enough of a challenge? It’s easy to slack off on the rep count, or intensity when no one is looking. But, there’s a bond that is formed when a group sweats, grinds, and struggles their way through a crazy-tough workout. If you are looking for that next-level challenge, gather up your best group and jump into some small group training, group bike rides/runs, or even a group fitness class.

Just like having an accountability partner, group workouts can make you push harder, get competitive, and increase motivation.

Push Harder

Studies show that exercising with a group can take your workout up a notch because you tend to push yourself harder than you would on your own. This is called The Köhler Effect, and the basis is that no one wants to be the weakest link in any given group setting. In the fitness world, this translates to pushing harder when you are working out with people who are fitter than you.

In fact, in one study, participants performed a series of planks and showed that working with a group produced a motivation gain that allowed the participants to hold their planks for a longer period of time. Those who exercised with a more-capable partner increased their plank time by 24 percent.

Get Competitive

Group settings can lead to positive competitiveness. Seeing what others are capable of doing can inspire you to try harder. In fact, when the group mirrors the effort and level of its fittest members, the result can be an elevation in the fitness level of the entire group. Working on this competitive edge can also help you past mental barriers that can develop when you are on your own.

Increase Motivation

When you make group fitness part of your workout routine, you can improve consistency, duration, and inspiration. They can also create a higher level of motivation among one another. Increases in motivation often happen because group workouts tend to be filled with encouragement in the form of verbal cheers and positive vibes from others to keep the energy and motivation high. These accolades are infectious and create a positive attitude and environment for the whole class.

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