SMART Core Wheel Holiday Gift Idea

If you are looking to score extra points this holiday season by giving unique and innovative fitness gifts, then the SMART Core Wheel should be on your list.

In fact, get one for yourself AND your fitness friend!

Do they really work?

One word. Yes.

But don’t take our word for it. Try it for yourself and see!

If you need some further insight, one study at California State University discovered that muscle activity was notably higher in participants that were performing exercises with a core wheel when compared to traditional ab exercises.

Core wheels are a great combination of isometric and dynamic exercise making it the real deal when it comes to functional fitness. It’s not only a perfect tool for abdominal training but an extremely effective tool in the overall development of your midsection and upper body.

The Inside Scoop: How does it work?

The true power of the core wheel lies in its simplicity. The basic premise is that you start on your knees or standing, grab the handles with your hands, and set the wheel on the ground. Next, you roll forward until your body is fully extended, then roll back to the starting position. Additionally, because our core wheel also comes with foot straps, there are a whole host of exercises that you can do with your hands on the floor, feet strapped to the pedals, and use the wheel to roll your feet back and forth. 

You may not think that this tool will give you a tough workout from a distance, but don’t dismiss it just yet. You will see from the first roll that it is working.

The core wheel rollout exercises engage your entire mid-section, and when working altogether, these muscles act like a corset pulling everything in. The core wheel actively recruits your stabilizer muscles to keep you from falling over –internal obliques, external obliques, and transverse abdominis. Rolling the wheel fires up your rectus abdominis. Your upper body even gets in on the action by engaging the erector spinae (muscles along your spine) and latissimus dorsi (broad muscles on both sides of your back), as well as your deltoids (shoulders), chest, biceps, and triceps.

But the real key here is all about synchronized control. The whole chain of muscles from your hip flexors and up toward your shoulders has to work together to stay in form with no breaks in the chain.

Form Matters!

Remember, it takes a lot of control and strength, from both your core and your entire body, to use the tool correctly. Proper form will help you from straining your lower back or putting too much stress on your joints. It’s always better to do one good move in proper form than ten moves in poor form.

Be sure to keep your spine neutral, chin tucked, and brace your abs.  Your goal should be to avoid arching your lower back as you roll out. If you feel this happening, reduce your range of motion (shorten the roll).  

Here are your first three #corewheelchallenge moves to try with your friend.

1. SMART Core Wheel Knee Rollouts with Opposite Knee Plank Mountain Climbers

2. Plank Hold on SMART Core Wheel with Fiesty Floor Sprints

3. Round the World Pike Ups with the SMART Core Wheel

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