We have great fitness gifts that will keep that ‘dad bod’ in check, and provide fitness activities the whole family can enjoy! #FathersDay

Not another boring tie! Take the guess out of gift-giving with these 10 great fitness gifts dad would love to get this Father’s Day.

Father’s Day is the perfect time to show your dad how much you appreciate him. What better way to do that than with a fitness-inspired gift? This equipment will help him diversify his workouts and tone up those muscles even more effectively! What better way to celebrate the dad in your life, than a gift from Prism Fitness Group! 

With so many wonderful products to choose from, we can provide a gift that will keep that ‘dad bod’ in check and provide fitness activities that the whole family can enjoy!

Outdoor enthusiasts, here’s your chance to train hard by adding a few tools to your workouts. Hikers, add a couple of med balls to make a weighted backpack to really amp up your exertion along with your elevation.

Getting ready for a kayak race? Get your core in order by trying out the weighted stick with the stability ball. Seated rowers will help you get your core, back, and arms ready for race time, even if you can’t hit the water for training every day. 

These and many other great products can make the perfect gift for Father’s Day, and add activities that the whole family can enjoy!

1. Smart Core Wheel with Mat

The smart core wheel is an incredible product, not only will it give your abs a workout, but your entire core! What a great way to start working on that six-pack for summer so you can get out and show your stuff on the trails, bike, or the water.

2. Self-Guided Smart Recovery Foam Roller

This is a wonderful product to help rid your body of all those aches and pains that can settle in your muscles. Plus, it is never too early to teach the kiddos that taking care of your body is essential. What a great way to introduce the importance of muscle care!

Smart Recovery Foam Roller - Order Now

3. Smart Modular Acceleration Ladder

This is sure to be a family favorite!  The agility ladder can be used either inside or outside and the littles will have a great time learning “agility” when you use clever names for footwork and speed. Ask your kids to walk through the ladder as an elephant, a duck, or a bunny. This is a great way to teach them that “working out” is FUN!

Smart Acceleration Ladder - Order Now

4. Smart Hurdles

Not only is this product a great way to improve your range of motion and agility, but is sure to bring about some fun and exciting family rivalry.  Start an obstacle course, or see who can conquer all of the hurdles the fastest.  What a fun way to get the whole family outside for a little competition and movement.

5. Smart Stability Balls

With these stability balls coming in so many different sizes and weights, what an excellent activity to help you and the kiddos improve balance and strength.  See who can come up with the most creative pose on the ball!  Or maybe who can hold a pose for the longest.

Smart Stability Ball- Pushup

10 Great Fitness Gifts Dad Would Love to Get on Father’s Day!

10 Great Fitness Gifts Dad would love to get this Father's Day - Man holding Smart Medicine Ball

6. Smart Straps

These allow for such a diverse workout, practically anywhere!  With the ability to work any muscle group, these products are a must-have for the summer. Spark your child’s interest in how the body works, by showing them what muscles fire when you use the straps, or how to hold it in a different position.

Smart Straps Body Weight Training System Suspension Trainer- reverse mountain climbers

7. Smart Stick

With either a weighted, or non-weighted version, you are sure to give your body a great way to work a range of motion, strength, and balance all in one.  The smart stick can provide great ways to help show your kids the importance of these areas, have them ‘walk the plank’ while holding the stick to help improve balance!  Or ‘sail the ocean’ while seated on a stability ball, paddling to escape treasure-hungry pirates.

Smart Stick- Rowing on Smart Stability Ball

8. Smart Medicine Balls

Work any part of your body with these smart medicine balls.  Ranging in weight and size, you can find the perfect set to work your core, your back, or your legs, the options are endless!  Have your kids help discover how many body parts you can help strengthen by twisting, throwing, or pushing.

9. Smart Mat

Stretching your body is one of the many ways to help improve your workout and allow your muscles and joints to work together for optimal performance.  With guided drawings listed on the mat, you and your family can enjoy stretching together and even create a few new stretches of your own!

Smart Exercise Mat - Order Now

10. Sprint Resistor

What better way to get your family working out together than having them be a full-on assistant to your workout!  With the sprint resistor, you can have different family members working with each other, seeing who is harder and easier to pull! 

Sprint Resistor Training

Father’s Day is a special day to celebrate all that fathers do for their families. There are many gift options available for dads, but fitness-related gifts are especially popular this year. With these 10 great fitness gifts for dad, you can’t go wrong! If you’re looking for a unique Father’s Day gift, consider something that will help him stay healthy and active.

Give a man in your life the gift of fitness this Father’s Day… it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

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