Busy schedules can often mean a trip to the gym gets pushed to the bottom of the priority list. Having a go-to at-home workout can make it easier to sneak that workout in when time is scarce.

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Structure your timing

Timed Intervals: Choose a number of seconds of work, and a number of seconds of rest. Stack them together to create a Tabata. For example, a traditional Tabata is 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Start there, and vary it up at different sessions to see what challenges you.

Pyramid Interval: Pinpoint a number and then count forward or backward by 10. Match the number of reps to the corresponding number. For example, a 10-1 pyramid workout will start with ten reps of your chosen exercise. Then a short rest. Next is nine reps, then 8, and 7, and so on. Repeat as needed. If you want to up the challenge, try a 20-10, or even a 30-20!

Rep-based intervals: Set out your desired exercise equipment with enough space around to complete your choice of exercise. One of the best ways to complete a rep-based interval session is to set up different circuits with the equipment. Target a specific number of reps for each circuit and then go at it. You can even put yourself to a challenge by seeing if you can complete your workout in a set time, but remember, form always comes first!

Choose your focus

You can choose to focus on one area of training per session or mix it up with a combo of all three during your at-home workout.

Cardio: Get your heart rate up with some aerobic conditioning! Mix it up with some footwork drills for agility and coordination for a two-in-one functional drill.

Strength: Weights are great, but you can do bodyweight exercises to build strength too. Add a SMART Medicine ball or SMART resistance bands to up the creativity and increase your challenge.

Core: Crunches and planks will get you started, but think outside the box for your core work. Try a kick-punch combo sequence which activates your midsection, or bring out the SMART stability ball to add a new dimension to your core work.

SMART In-Home Bootcamp Package

Smart In-Home Bootcamp - Stability Ball and Jump Rope Training

If you’re looking for an excellent investment to boost your at-home studio equipment base, try our SMART In-Home Bootcamp package.

It comes with everything you need to construct a seemingly endless variety of at-home workouts to keep you motivated and fit.

(1) 20lb, 30lb and 40lb Resistance Cables

 (1 pair) Quick Flip Handles

 (1) Smart Speed Jump Rope

 (1) 6lb Medicine Ball

 (1) Mini Band: Medium

 (1) 65cm Stability Ball

 (1) Kettlebell Sandbag

 (1) Foam Roller

 (1) 6mm Exercise Mat

Try this to start:

BodyBurn Bootcamp

Timed intervals of 30 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Repeat each section three times. Start with a quick dynamic warm-up and cool down with a stretch on the SMART Mat.

Cardio Section

1. Slam Ball Hops with SMART Medicine Ball

2. Jump Rope

3. Figure 8 Skaters with SMART Stability Ball

4. SMART Medicine Ball Toss to burpee


1. Sandbell Squat to Press

2. Push-up with feet on Medicine ball

3. Knee Lift to Runners Balance with a SMART Stability Ball

4. Front Raise to Side Raise with a SMART Resistance Band


1. V-Up with SMART Medicine Ball

2. SMART Stability Ball stir-up

3. Plank knee-tuck on the SMART Stability Ball

4. Crunches with the SMART Stability Ball

No matter where you choose to work out, be sure to keep up good habits like hand-washing, getting plenty of sleep, and eating healthy. And keeping a good selection of quality equipment in your arsenal, along with some workout ideas planned out, will keep you on track with whatever situation keeps you at home.

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