Female Athlete Exercises with Smart Medicine Ball

Get Ready For Fall Sports

It looks like the fall sports season is moving forward in many schools across the nation and that means that official practice is less than two weeks away.

In recent years, student-athletes had opportunities to keep on top of off-season training and conditioning through sport-specific camps. This year, however, many of the camps simply were not available, and these athletes may be coming into their fall sports season a bit more de-conditioned than usual.

Without the coaches giving them a workout plan and motivation to push them through, student-athletes may feel a little unprepared for the upcoming year, but at a loss of where to start leveling up their conditioning. Before athletes can dive into sport-specific speed, skill, and power training, it is beneficial to focus on regaining full-body strength. Having a strong foundation is prudent for skill improvement, injury prevention, and improving overall fitness.

To help, we’ve put together a few at-home strength and conditioning pre-season workouts for your student so they can come into their first practice ready to rock.

Although these exercises are great for the traditional fall sports starts of volleyball, football, soccer, cross country, golf, and hockey, these conditioning exercises could be used across any sport to build up cardiovascular endurance, strength, coordination and balance.

The Workout:

Structure: Interval based.

Timing: 30 seconds for each exercise working straight through all 4 moves for a total of 2 minutes. Rest for 60 seconds.

Repeat: Do the interval 5 times for a 15-minute workout. Add a second interval session for a 30-minute workout.

Equipment Needed for Intervals:

SMART Medicine Ball

Equipment for extra workouts:

SMART Weighted Jump Rope

Kettlebell Sandbag

SMART Modular Acceleration Ladder

SMART Resistance Training Bundle

Interval 1

Bump and Shuffle with SMART Medicine Ball

Put your body into wide squat position and hold the SMART Medicine Ball in both hands in front of you at hip level. Keeping your upper body aligned, shuffle to your left, stop, and then raise the medicine ball over your head, hands above your shoulders.

Broad Jump SMART Medicine Ball Burpees with a Zig Zag Return

Start in a wide squat position and hold a SMART Medicine Ball in your hands at hip position. Jump forward as far as you can while raising the medicine ball in the air. Next, put the medicine ball on the ground and hop your legs back into plank position, while holding yourself steady on the ball. Jump forward and return to a standing position. Then, zig zag backwards until you reach starting position, touching the medicine ball to the hip of the grounded leg, and alternating as you go.

Skaters with Pendulum SMART Medicine Ball Side Swings

Start in a standing position, feet under hips, holding the SMART Medicine Ball in front of you. Leap onto one foot and swing the medicine ball in the same direction as the leap. Leap to the other foot, with the medicine ball following, allowing the ball swing to mimic a pendulum.

V-Up SMART Medicine Ball Kick Touches

In a seating position, raise your legs up into the air, making a “V” with your body, while keeping your upper body aligned and holding a SMART Medicine Ball over your legs. Scissor your legs up, one at a time, and touch the medicine ball to your leg.

Interval 2

Side Shuffle with 180 Rotational Turns and SMART Medicine Ball Chest Press

Start in wide leg position, knees bent, holding SMART Medicine Ball at chest position. Shuffle to the side and press the ball straight out and back. Holding the medicine ball to your chest, jump your body in a complete 180 turn, sticking the landing. Press the ball straight out and back again. Return the 180, and shuffle back. Repeat.

Explosive Jump Squat with Overhead Press with SMART Medicine Ball

Starting with feet outside of hips, hold the SMART Medicine Ball at chest level. Push your bottom back and down, knees behind your toes. Explode up in a jump and push the medicine ball straight up in the air. Land softly, repeat.

High Knees with Rotational SMART Medicine Ball Knee Touches

Standing with feet outside of hips and holding a SMART Medicine Ball just below chest level, bring one knee up, and then the other, rotating the upper body to tap the medicine ball on each elevated knee. Repeat.

Sumo Squat Drop with Heel Lift.

Push your bottom back and hold the SMART Medicine Ball at chest level. Touch the medicine ball to the ground (or close) while you are holding the squat. Return the medicine ball to the chest while maintaining the low, wide squat. Lift one heel, then the other. Repeat sequence.

Also Try:

Hill Sprints with Kettlebell Sandbags

Agility Ladder Heisman

Resistance Band RunsSquats with SMART Strength Band

Weighted Jump Rope

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