Lunchtime Workouts Surface as a Top Fitness Trend

It’s no secret that the fitness industry has gone through a massive change over the past year. Not only did where we workout change (more home workouts, less gym time), but the when changed too. According to a report by ClassPass, lunchtime workouts increased by 67% in 2020.

Daily routines were upended and it disrupted the trend of people swinging by the gym on the way home from work.

Now, with many working and doing many of the daily tasks without leaving home, people are looking to break up their day. A noon workout proves to be a good time for people to “step away from their office.”

The worry about returning to work sweaty is no longer top of mind, as a quick shower or clean up at home is all that is needed to hop back on a Zoom Call.

A mid-day break might also prove to be more efficient because you know you need to get back to work, which can help you be more organized with your workout time.

There are benefits to a lunchtime workout.

Prying yourself away from the computer can be a much-needed mental break and a perfect excuse to move your body. If you’re used to going from meeting to meeting, sitting behind a computer on Zoom meetings all day can be rough on the body.

In fact, prolonged sitting has been linked to various health issues. Getting up and moving halfway through the day breaks up these long stretches.

You can improve circulation, mobility and reduce overall stress by sandwiching in a workout in the middle of the day.

If you don’t have time for a whole mid-day workout, try these exercises to combat the downfalls of sitting all day.

Another plus is that lunchtime workouts usually benefit from a good breakfast fueling, making your energy and blood sugar levels ideal for diving into a high-intensity workout. Immersing yourself in the adrenaline rush of a lunchtime workout can make you feel re-energized as you go into the afternoon hours.

The feeling of accomplishing a completed workout can tend to spill over into the rest of the day and help you be mindful about making good food and activity choices to keep you on a solid wellness track.

Even once life gets back to normal, lunchtime workouts could be a healthy, positive trend that will stick around.

Another Bonus: All of your equipment is on-hand

It’s a lot easier to grab a noon workout when you are just steps away from a zoom class and/or your collection of workout equipment.

People are starting to realize that creating a functional workout doesn’t necessarily require a room full of treadmills.

In fact, a great place to start your collection is with our SMART Necessity Bundle, which includes a 16 mm Smart Mat, a Smart Stability Ball, Smart Recovery Foam Roller, and three fitness cables (20#, 30#, & 40#) that you can mix and match to vary up your resistance training.

Tip! Our unique SMART Quick Flip Triple Pocket Handle allows you to use all three cables at once if you choose, so you actually have up to a 90# resistance tool!

Lunchtime workouts are proving to be a good time for people to take a break from their at-home office work for a physical and mental break.

Your Next Lunchtime Workout is Here!

30 minutes is all you need to squeeze this workout into your day.

5 minute Upper Body Strength Workout

Tool: Fitness Cables

  • Bicep Curls
  • Side Flies
  • Standing Front Raise

Timing: Complete each exercise for 20 seconds. Repeat the cycle 5 times.

5 minute Core Workout 

Tool: SMART Stability Ball

  • Stir the Pot
  • Jack Knife Pike
  • Oblique Twists

Timing: Complete each exercise for 20 seconds. Repeat cycle 5 times.

15-minute Fitness Yoga Routine

Tool: SMART Mat

  • Down Dog
  • Plank to Side Mountain Climber
  • Single-Leg Down Dog to Reverse Warrior
  • Reverse Low Lunge
  • Plank to Down Dog
  • Child’s Pose

Timing: Hold each exercise for 20 seconds. Repeat cycle 7 times.

Watch the video here.

5 minutes of Foam Rolling Recovery 

Tool: SMART Recovery Foam Roller

  • Spine Roll Release
  • Mid and Upper Back Release
  • Lower Back Release

Timing: Spend about 30 seconds on each move and run through 3 cycles. These moves are perfect for combating the effects of sitting all day.

Watch the video here.

Need some extra motivation and connection during your workout? Schedule a Zoom workout with a friend!

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