Barbells and dumbbells are a great strength and resistance training tool, but it can be hard to dedicate a whole room for weights in your home. Plus, a set of free weights is not easy to cart along to an outdoor workout setting. SMART Guard Sleeve Tubing is the key to having an on the go resistance exercise routine. 

Instead, consider investing in a collection of sleeved tubing. Similar to free weights, the SMART Guard Sleeved Tubing is offered in a range of resistance levels, from highly flexible to ultra-duty strength. They can be the ultimate grab-and-go solution for fitness fanatics who like to squeeze in a workout at a moment’s notice.

SMART Guard Sleeved Tubing is a high-quality fitness cable that is sturdy enough to sustain even the toughest workouts. Used for many years in rehab settings, the fitness industry is embracing how versatile fitness cables can be. In fact, fitness cables can completely replace weights while giving an effective functional strength and conditioning workout. 

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In fact, fitness cables can completely replace weights while giving an effective functional strength and conditioning workout. Click To Tweet

Three Benefits of using SMART Guard Sleeved Tubing

  1. Allow For Fluid Motion
  2. Limit Inflammation
  3. Mimic Functional Movement 

If you’re new to fitness cables, it can be challenging to figure out how to transition your resistance training over from free weights. Here are 6, do-anywhere, total-body exercises to point you in the right direction and improve your functional strength & conditioning. Remember to start with a lighter version and slowly work your way up for more resistance.

Try These 6 Resistance Exercises to Keep you Fit on the Go!

1. Overhead Squat Start in a standing position with your feet shoulder-width apart, standing on the middle part of the sleeved tubing, and extend your arms over your head. Loop SMART Guard Sleeved Tubing around your forearms and slowly lower your hips back and down, keeping your knees directly over the balls of your feet. Continue until your hips are parallel to your knees before slowly returning to start. Use slow, controlled movements for proper squat form.

2. Deadlift Start with your feet shoulder-width apart, looping the SMART Guard Sleeved Tubing under each foot. Bend at the hips, keep your back aligned and keep your knees slightly bent. Next, grab the middle of the sleeved tubing and stand. Then, lower down slowly until your hands drop just below your knees.

3. Glute Bridge Lie faceup placing your feet flat on the floor, arms palms-down alongside your body. Bend your knees to a 90-degree angle. Wrap the SMART Guard Sleeved Tubing around your thighs just above the knee and hold a handle in each hand. Raise your hips, pushing through your heels, until your shoulders, hips, and knees align while holding the resistance of the sleeved tubing tight. Contract your glutes through the movement and then slowly return to start.

On the Go Fitness Has Never Been Easier

4. Bent-over row Stand shoulder-width apart over the center of the sleeved tubing. Bend your knees slightly, hinge at your waist, and keep your hips back. Hold the band handles with your hands facing the outside of your knees. Pull the band up toward your hips and squeeze your shoulder blades together with elbows at a 90-degree angle.

Upright Row Position feet over the center of the band and stand shoulder-width apart. Hold the handles with your palms facing each other right at the thigh level. Pull the sleeved tubing straight up the front of your body all the way to shoulder level, leading the way with your elbows. Slowly lower back down to the starting position.

6. Russian Twist Wrapping the center of the band around the bottom of your feet while sitting on the floor with your legs extended. Hold the ends in each hand. Bend your knees slightly and keep your feet on the floor and ease back to a 45-degree angle. Rotate the band to one side, bringing your hand across your body and down toward your hip. Keep your spine aligned. Return to start. Rotate the opposite direction. Repeat.

Let us Know! Have you tried any of these resistance exercises?

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