Smart Mat 6mm, Yoga Outside

1. Yoga can be done anywhere.

One of yoga’s benefits is it can literally be done anywhere. Nature can enhance your yoga practice in a different way than an indoor classroom can. Whether you take it to the park, lake, mountain, beach, pool, trail, or your own backyard, you can transform a routine that’s become stagnant into an elevated experience.

2. Natural scenery can elevate your sensory experience and replenish depleted energy

Taking your workout outside can boost your self-esteem by releasing endorphins. In addition, soaking up some vitamin D from the sun has been shown to decrease the risk of depression (just remember your sunscreen!). For more information, review this study in Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

When surrounded by a natural setting, all your senses wake up: scent, sight, sound, and touch in addition to increased feelings of vigor and vitality. Fresh air can also make you more aware of your breathing.

By getting outside of the familiar space of the gym, you become more vulnerable to what’s going on around you. Because nature is unpredictable (hot sun, wind, bugs, ambient noise), it can force you to focus on your reactions to the changing environment and bring a heighted meditative piece to your practice.  

Connecting with nature can bring a vibrancy to your practice by simply hearing a bird song, catching the scent of nearby flowers, or feeling a breeze cool your skin.

3. The change of terrain can provide an extra challenge

Outdoor yoga can challenge you with uneven surfaces which force the body to work a little harder to stabilize. Being extra mindful of your form helps you to stay in the moment. Practicing yoga in a new environment can help you get out of a rut, and even build confidence. When you get out of your routine, it can put you in a place where you may be open to try a new pose, enhance your range of motion, or hold a little longer.  

Self-Guided SMART Mat

Our SMART Mat is a perfect tool to use for an outdoor yoga practice. It provides more cushion to surfaces such as concrete or grass. And, if you’re stuck for moves, you can rely on the self-guided silhouettes to help you put together a routine on the fly.

For a simple yoga flow routine, try a series of sun salutations.

Watch our video here:

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