Dual Overspeed Trainer


20 yards (max stretch)
40 yards (max stretch)

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The Dual Overspeed Trainer is a proven neuromuscular training tool. Training the muscles to react and contract accordingly, help to decrease the chance of injury, while increasing stability and balance. This is extremely important in competition and everyday movement. For example by applying assistance to an athlete’s sprint, you can increase the athlete’s stride rate and length for non-assisted situations.

This product can be used in multiple ways. Two athletes can be connected together to perform tow sprints. A single athlete when secured to a goal post, can replicate similar results when a training partner is not available. Each purchase includes two fully adjustable waist belts.

An athlete’s ability to push their muscles is what can determine the athlete’s max speed. Repetitive muscle specific training can be an important part of any training program. The bungee propels the athlete forward which makes them run faster than possible on a normal training sprint.  This propulsion helps the athlete build muscle which results in more explosive sprints.


  • 2 athletes perform tow sprints for team training
  • Single athlete secures to post to train solo
  • 2 adjustable waist belts
  • Maximum stretch lengths: 20yd or 40yd
  • For users over 140lb

20yd Dual Overspeed Trainer, 400-520-250,  $127.25
40yd Dual Overspeed Trainer, 400-520-251,  $190.75


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